MB Reporting Services


MB Reporting Services provides state reporting services for ACSI member schools in Indiana. With over five years of experience providing support for public, private, and voucher schools through the Indiana Department of Education, MB Reporting Services now provides these benefits in order to relieve your school of this burden so you can focus on educating children instead.  

For less than the amount of a typical voucher payment for a single student, your school can receive the following benefits for an entire school year:

  • Timely submission of state reports (compliance with state reporting is critical for accountability, A-F grading, and continued eligibility for voucher school status)
  • Submission of and assistance with the creation of the "C" reports (certified employee, certified position, and course completion)
  • Expert guidance and assistance on maintenance of student and staff records to meet state reporting requirements
  • More time during school hours to spend on the business of serving students

For more information on this important service, please contact Meredith Bovin by email or by calling 317.550.2714.