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For many families, the high cost of higher education is a daunting proposition. Parents lie awake at night trying to figure out how to afford sending their children to college and still having enough of their hard earned money to be able to retire one day. Some families have children attending college next year and some have years to plan, but the fears of tackling these monumental and rising costs are the same. We are here to help families figure out HOW to pay for it! Since 2002, our workshop has educated parents throughout the nation regarding saving and paying for college. We help implement strategies that have saved families thousands of dollars per year in tuition and fees. Our unique program serves as a complement to the valuable work the counselors and teachers of the elementary, middle and high schools do in preparing children to enter college.

Contact The College Funding Coach® to book your preferred date to host our free school presentations or call  Andrea Ashton at 703.430.0789 or 800.969.2362 for more information.