Christian Peace Keepers


cpk Peer mentoring is a powerful school ministry that creates unity across  grade levels by allowing older students to fellowship and disciple younger school peers! If the seeds are planted early and well through fellowship mentoring, your Christian school will reap a harvest of discipleship mentors who will continue to bless your K–12 school family into the college years! In keeping with the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19–20), it is our prayer that through the Lord's leading we may spread this ministry to other schools! 

Christian Peace Keepers was developed by Susan Dyer Layer in 2001 in her role as a Christian school counselor where she first established a fellowship peer mentoring school program. Fourteen years later, the fellowship peer mentoring program continues to bless students! Last year, she assisted Pastor Kyle Mullett in organizing a Discipleship Peer Mentoring program at Calvary Christian High School in Clearwater, FL where spiritually-mature students grow relationally in Christ with younger students, meeting for prayer and support to stand strong as fellow sisters or brothers in faith. When students love others like Christ loves them (John 13:34–35), they advocate for those in need, speak up for righteous causes, and resolve conflict honorably. Christian Peace Keepers is a comprehensive school program that offers prevention and intervention strategies to increase His love and peace on a school campus.  

For more information about scheduling our Fellowship and Discipleship Peer Mentor and ROCK Character trainings, please contact Susan Dyer Layer or call 727.667.0342.