Engaged Schools

Engaged Schools

Christ's goal was to lead those who followed Him to become His imitators. The more we understand and apply Christ's model for ministry and identify where our students are in their walk of faith, the more we reflect Christ's method for teaching by meeting spiritual needs in ways that connect with our students' hearts.

EngagedSchools.com equips teachers and administrators to understand and apply Christ's model for teaching, equipping students to personalize their relationship with Christ in the contexts of classroom and community, and to reproduce His reflection beyond the walls of the school.

An Engaged School equips students to:

  • Identify a clear, measurable definition of spiritual maturity.
  • Identify a clear, Christ-centered path with specific steps for growth.
  • Know what is expected of them at each step in the process of growth.
  • Clearly identify spiritual needs and growth barriers at each step in this process.
  • Utilize an accurate assessment tool to examine their own hearts and to inform their spiritual growth.

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