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FamilyLife provides a proactive program that enables teachers, administrators, and parents the ability to navigate the murky waters of teen purity and gender confusion.

FamilyLife was founded by Dennis and Barbara Rainey as a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ and we exist to effectively develop godly families and marriages who change the world one home at a time.

FamilyLife is excited to partner with ACSI to equip teachers and administrators with an established program to help parents engage in biblical conversations with their children regarding sexual purity and gender identity.

We do that by providing two resources to member schools called Passport2Purity and Passport2Identity.

Passport2Purity was created because our kids are under attack and a simple birds and the bees talk won't cut it. That includes the ever growing pressure from peers to engage in sexual activity before marriage. This tool is designed to equip parents with the tools they need to have meaningful conversations with their teens on the topics of sexual purity.

Passport2Identity was created because our teens are being bombarded daily with billboards, television ads, and social media to name a few in an effort to get them to question their gender identity. As a result we have a culture filled with teens who are suffering from an identity crisis. This tool is designed to train teens to have a biblical self-confidence and an identity rooted in Christ.

It's time to equip and empower administrators, teachers and parents for the challenges that they will face.  

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