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As educators, YOU are among the most influential people in society. You do more than transmit knowledge. You shape the emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual development of entire generations. Here's your chance to expand your influence beyond your own classroom!

The International School Project (ISP) was formed in 1991 with an invitation from the Russian Ministry of Education to help develop morals and ethics in their youth. Currently working in more than 25 countries, ISP helps to build movements of spiritual multiplication among educators through outreach conferences and robust discipleship. The ISP strategy incorporates the gospel in the context of education in ways that are:

  1. Professional: helping participants better understand what it takes to make a good educator
  2. Philosophical: helping them better understand the importance of good character and thinking in education
  3. Practical: providing tools and techniques that will help them be more successful in their classroom, and
  4. Personal: sharing ideas and interacting with our team of trained educators throughout the conference.  

For more information on how you can help reach fellow teachers around the world with the hope of Christ, please email Doug Radunzel, call (866) 477-1515 or visit  our website.