Multiple Choice Study Phase 2


What is the Multiple Choice Study Phase 2?

Phase 2 of this study will help you gain insights into your current parents' perception of your school and what they're looking for in their children's education.  We have created an automated survey that you can distribute to your parents. This is different from a satisfaction survey in that it is designed to help you look to the future, as opposed to reflecting on what you are already doing as a school.  

What will I get out of the survey?

You will receive a complete report of your school's data, as well as a comparison to 2017 nationwide benchmark data received from prospective parents and current ACSI parents. Both a graphical and a raw data report will be provided. Here is a preview of some sample report pages. Your actual report will cover all questions on the survey and will consist of approximately 25–35 pages.

How do I distribute the survey to my parents?

Once you have indicated your interest in participating, you will be asked to provide a few details about your school to enable us to customize your survey link. After paying the appropriate fee for your school size, we will send your school's personalized survey link, as well as tips on distributing it to your parents. Following is a diagram detailing the anticipated timeline of the entire process. 

Barna Process Graphic

What will I do with my survey data?

This survey will help you navigate changing times in Christian education. You will be able to use the data from this study to help set your strategic, marketing, and operational plans for the next 3-5 years, taking into account your parents' expectations, perceptions, and needs. This information can help you adjust your communication with parents in order to help retain existing families and attract others like them.

The survey is closed for now, but will reopen again in the fall semester.