ACSI and Colson Center Partner on New Worldview Training for Christian Educators

Jul 27, 2020, 15:59 PM by Larry Lincoln - ACSI
ACSI and the Colson Center are pleased to announce a new partnership designed to provide guidance for teaching worldviews, culture, and cultural engagement. The two organizations will collaborate on a 10-hour digital Professional Development program for Christian schools.
July 28, 2020

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Colorado Springs, CO – ACSI and the Colson Center are pleased to announce a new partnership designed to provide guidance for teaching worldviews, culture, and cultural engagement. The two organizations will collaborate on a 10-hour digital Professional Development program for Christian schools.

The video series will feature internationally acclaimed speakers and practitioners who will equip Christian School leaders and educators to confidently address these topics during the upcoming school year and beyond.

“The Colson Center emphasis on worldview training and spiritual formation dovetails with our own vision and purpose—in particular, our Flourishing Schools Institute. We feel this partnership has the potential to provide the best possible training for our school leaders and teachers,” said ACSI President Dr, Larry Taylor.

Participating school leaders and teachers will receive materials and resources to accompany the digital presentations that will provide updated year-long input and awareness. Additionally, there will be a live webinar question & answer session available for all participating schools with both ACSI and The Colson Center. Participants will also be able to earn CEUs towards their continuing education needs.

According to Colson Center President John Stonestreet, “The program is designed so that school leaders will be equipped to teach and disciple students to love God and their neighbors more in their individual lives, their relationships, and in their public lives.”

The Christian worldview and fluency teacher development videos will be available in August and feature speakers such as Dr. Os Guinness, Dr. Christopher Yuan, Dr. John Lennox, Dr. Bill Brown, and Stonestreet.

According to Stonestreet, the five-module training program is for teachers from elementary school through high school. “The videos and resources are fashioned to provide faculty and staff participants with ideas for discussing how they can apply the truths presented in them in their own schools,” he added.

Other partners and leaders throughout the field of Christian Education anticipate the ACSI-Colson Center alliance and accompanying resources will provide much-needed resources and support to educators.

“The International Alliance of Christian Educators (IACE) is extremely excited about the opportunity to provide encouragement and support for the wonderful partnership with the Colson Center for Christian Worldview and the Association for Christian Schools International,” said Dr. David S. Dockery, President IACE. “We are incredibly grateful to Larry Taylor, John Stonestreet, and Bill Brown for their superb leadership for this important worldview development initiative,” he added.

IACE is a new Christian education network with nearly 60 charter members and encompasses a wide variety of evangelical educational institutions and organizations. Both ACSI and the Colson Center are charter members.

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