Serve Every Student Effectively!


Do you have a vision to serve students who, on paper, are considered academically disenfranchised, culturally different, and/or economically disadvantaged? ACSI calls them A.C.E. students, and we've recently formed a center to assist you in your endeavor to minister to them. The ACSI A.C.E. Student Success Center staff (formerly Urban School Services) are focused on helping you release the God-given potential in every student. We do this through tailored assessments, consulting, and training to equip your staff.

"This isn't about helping students escape the deterioration of public schools," says Dr. Vernard Gant, director of the department. "This is not about alternative schooling. On the contrary, ACSI administrators are saying, 'We are about fulfilling the purpose of public education, because we are contributing to the public good unlike any other entity in society.'"  

More Christian schools are opening their doors to disfavored students, largely due to various school choice programs. But at ACSI schools the openness stems from the hearts of administrators. One member school recently took in 150 A.C.E. students, and the change has positively impacted the school. An administrator at another school has been praying for two years for the opportunity to serve A.C.E. students.  

Moe Lundrigan, executive director of Christian Academy School System (Louisville, Kentucky), is also an administrator who senses that the Holy Spirit is leading his school to reach out to A.C.E. students.  

"Thousands in the Louisville area suffer the indignity of a poor education and then struggle for the rest of their lives," says Moe. "Parents are left with no options, and doors that are willing to swing open are not tested because they do not know. We must make a difference."  

The ACSI A.C.E. Student Success Center hopes more schools will be inspired to reach out to A.C.E. students in their areas. It was for that reason that the department changed its name from Urban School Services.  

"ACSI has chosen to change the department name to reflect our ongoing emphasis on students—regardless of the schools they attend," says Vernard. "Our ultimate objective is to address the unique needs of precious children who were created in God's image, and to help them achieve their highest potential."  

Let A.C.E. equip you as you help all your students succeed—because in God's kingdom, every child matters! Learn more online or email or call Vernard at 800.367.5391, extension 257.