ACSI Salutes Teachers, Commends DeVos

Teacher Appreciation Week—ACSI Salutes Teachers, Commends DeVos for Recognizing Non-Public Teachers

Colorado Springs, CO—The phrase "teachers don't always get the recognition they deserve" would win prizes for "Understatement of the Year," but that doesn't make it any less true. Teachers work hard, take a lot of guff and make many sacrifices. The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) salutes its member-school teachers during this Teacher Appreciation Week.

Imagine the surprise of Liz Holton, a teacher at ACSI-member Vidalia Heritage Academy in Vidalia, Georgia, when she was called to the office to take a special phone call this afternoon. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos personally called to express her appreciation for Ms. Holton's work as a teacher at a small town school. The Spelling Bees that Liz hosts ensure that students from community schools in a largely rural area of Georgia are given an opportunity to shine. We at ACSI join Secretary DeVos in expressing our appreciation for Liz Holton's commitment to provide enrichment to students.

Department of Education personnel initiated personal calls to teachers all over the country to express their appreciation—teachers from eight ACSI member schools were included in that list. ACSI commends Secretary DeVos for acknowledging that the broad diversity of education options includes faith-based schools. And we're sure the Secretary agrees: even greater credit goes to Liz Holton and her tens of thousands of peers who serve in Christian schools around the world.

May God bless all our teachers as they serve Him by providing academic excellence and strong spiritual formation.

ACSI is the largest Protestant school association in the world with 24,000 member-schools around the globe including nearly 3000 in the U.S.  Our mission is to strengthen Christian schools and equip Christian educators worldwide as they prepare students academically and inspire them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.