School Choice Research Is Now Available

Barna Research

ACSI recently commissioned Barna Group to help us understand the changing faith dynamic in America and how it impacts families' schooling decisions. The findings are available to members in an extensive report titled Multiple Choice: How Parents Sort Education Options in a Changing Market

Tim Greener, superintendent of Christian Academy of Louisville and an ACSI board member, found the report helpful in terms of marketing. 

"The first data point we noticed is that more than half of prospective parents are Gen-Xers (56 percent), while Millennials and Boomers nearly split the remaining 44 percent," he says. "That got us asking questions. What type of media do Gen-Xers commonly use? What gets their attention? What do they value? Where are they spiritually, as a generational cohort? Answering these questions is essential to effective marketing."

The report also uncovered some positive information regarding Christian schools' effectiveness. When Christian school parents were asked to rate their children's schools, they gave high satisfaction ratings in several categories: 

  • Character formation: 91%
  • School community aligns with my beliefs: 91%
  • Spiritual formation: 94%
  • Teachers who care: 92%

Dr. Robert "Bo" Gutzwiller, superintendent of Foothill Christian School and an ACSI board member, found this encouraging: "The  ratings  given  by  parents  after  their  experience  at  an  ACSI  school  demonstrate  that  schools typically  meet  or exceed parent expectations on nearly every critical factor," he says. "Families find ACSI schools to be exactly what they were hoping for!"

The report also includes insights about what parents want in a school, pastors' perspectives on Christian schools, current and prospective parents' goals for their children's education, and much more. 

Download the report today to get the insights you need to effectively market your school. (Note: you'll need your ACSI ConNEXUS user name and password.)

If you'd like to understand more about your own school's context and your current parents' perceptions, Barna is offering a School Perspectives survey this fall (for a fee). Email Pam Jacob, research manager at Barna, for more information, and she'll contact you when details are available.