2017 PD Forum Online Streaming

ACSI Professional Development Forum 2017

Online Streaming

Available October 27 & November 3 Only


Keynote Speakers

John Stonestreet

John Stonestreet knows how to engage today's students. A speaker, author, and radio host, John will deliver insights on education and contemporary culture that will challenge you to rethink your teaching.

Kim Bearden

Kim Bearden teaches educators how to promote academic rigor, create a climate and culture that promotes success and engages students. She is the co-founder and executive director of the highly acclaimed Ron Clark Academy, where she also serves as a language arts teacher.


This year, you won't have to travel far to attend the 2017 PD Forum. Join the Online Streaming PD Forum and interact on social media and you'll have the ability to connect and grow from anywhere in the world. If you're not attending one of our live PD Forums with your colleagues, join the conversation on Twitter at #PDForum17 and download the ACSI Professional Development App on iTunes or Google Play. Each person that attends the Online Streaming PD Forum will earn one CEU. 

The Online Streaming PD Forum will be on Friday, October 27 and Friday, November 3. Once you sign up, you'll get a link the day before the event to join the worldwide conversation and learn from two nationally acclaimed speakers on faith, culture, and education—John Stonestreet and Kim Bearden. Here's a small synopsis of what John and Kim will be sharing in each session:

John Stonestreet will present three sessions:

Reimagine Education: Reimagining education in a new era requires private school educators to think and live differently in all aspect of their teaching and educational focus. Paramount in this shift is a deeper understanding of the prevailing culture.  This session will explore what rethinking education in cultural terms might look like, how to raise holistic education to new levels of excellence, and how teachers can become transformational according to this fresh vision.
What's a Human Being?: Our culture has experienced a radical shift, not just in morality, but in our understanding of what it means to be human. This session will explore, as a foundation to a truly Christian education, the idea of the image of God as presented in the Scriptures.
Walking Kids through Culture: The dramatic shifts in our culture must be understood—not only the more obvious controversial issues but the underlying rip currents that shape how our kids think and live. This session will offer a landscape of our cultural moment, with practical suggestions for leading the next generation through the challenges they face.

Kim Bearden will present two sessions:

The Top 10 Things Every Teacher Should Know: Be motivated, inspired, and reminded of their significant, powerful role in the lives of their students. Kim will share methods for promoting student engagement, increasing rigor, developing relationships, and creating a climate and culture that inspires learning.
Creating a Climate and Culture That Promotes Success: Promote student engagement, increase academic rigor, and develop a climate and culture for optimal learning.

Structure the day your way. By streaming the online Forum, you'll have the opportunity to engage your faculty in discussion and reflective conversation around what they are learning immediately after the session. (Participants can also attend individually; this opportunity is not limited to a school or specific site.)

Start, stop, and pause the stream at your convenience—but remember, the stream will only be available on October 27 and November 3!

Get equipped. As part of the online streamed Forum, you'll receive a moderator's guide equipping your school leader to navigate the day and a discussion guide for each participant. Each registrant also receives a one year subscription to ConNEXUS Premium and 1 CEU. 

Start the stream when you want and break up the talks with discussion or online  stream all the sessions back-to-back with a longer discussion time at the end. It's your call. We recommend a schedule similar to this one.

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