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November 6: 12:00 a.m. — 
November 8: 11:59 p.m. EST

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Keynote Speakers and Sessions

Todd R. Marrah Pic

Todd R. Marrah

Dr. Todd R. Marrah, Ed.D. is Superintendent of Tree of Life Christian Schools and President of Tree of Life Christian Ministries. He also serves Executive Pastor at Rock City Church, one of the fastest growing churches in the U.S, on the board of the Columbus Dream Center and on the board of The Association of Christian Schools, Inc. Dr. Marrah’s experience as a middle and high school teacher, a middle and high school principal combined with more than 25 years of pastoral ministry as a children’s pastor, youth pastor, preaching pastor, and executive pastor provides unique insights into issues facing education and the church. Dr. Marrah frequently speaks at churches and Christian schools on a variety of topics including leadership, strategic planning, spiritual formation, and Christian parenting. He is a father of 6 wonderful children, husband to his lovely wife, Jana and Pops to his grandson, Ari.

KEYNOTE SESSION: The Future of Christian Schooling

The future of Christian schooling shares some similarities with the past but often not in the ways we might anticipate. The next generation church only slightly resembles the 20th century church and so it will be with Christian schools as well. What if our students could truly learn to explore God’s thoughts after Him in their day-to-day lives? What if they could discover to love God and others like Jesus modeled? What if that creative learning translated into living and making an impact in the post Christian culture into which we are launching them? The KEY is still relationships

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Karen Wilson

Dr. Karen Wilson is a Clinical Neuropsychologist, owner of West LA Neuropsychology, PC, and the founder of ChildNEXUS.com. She specializes in the assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders in children and adolescents, and she has extensive experience evaluating children and adults who present with neurological, medical and psychiatric disorders. Dr. Wilson is a Professor, Graduate Coordinator, and Chair of the Department of Psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills. She is also an Assistant Clinical Professor (Voluntary) in the Medical Psychology Assessment Center (MPAC), Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Behavior, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, where she provides clinical supervision to pre-doctoral interns and post-doctoral fellows.

KEYNOTE SESSION: Master Planning vs Organic Development

By age six, the brain is already 95 percent of its adult size, but the “thinking” part of the brain continues to thicken throughout childhood as brain cells continue to make connections. In this keynote, Dr. Wilson will discuss how brain connections are responsible for the many changes observed as children develop language, learn academic skills, and determine how to process experiences, regulate their emotions and establish relationships. With an understanding of how the brain develops in a social context, Dr. Wilson will review indicators that suggest a neurodevelopmental disorder is present.

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Liz Huntley

Liz Huntley is a full-time litigation attorney, a dedicated child advocate, a nationally renowned motivational speaker and published author – all with two daughters, a son, and a husband. Some might call her superwoman. But possibly most notably, she has a phenomenal life story. Growing up in a nightmarish childhood with all odds against her and influences of abuse, neglect, and drug addiction, Liz should never have become who she is today. No human imagination could have predicted it. Her life-changing moment came on her first day of first grade when her teacher spoke the emboldening words, “Elizabeth, you’re going to be the brightest student I ever have.” Those words produced a powerful wake of hope whose current has proven unstoppable.

KEYNOTE SESSION: Educators Are Ambassadors of Hope

Scared, abused and taken to the limit of a person’s capacity to endure, tragedy, Huntley reveals the perils of a childhood that would lead most to a broken life or premature death. Thanks to the early intervention of caring educators, Huntley recounts her journey from unimaginable darkness to radiance.

Breakout Sessions w/ Kevin Washburn

Equipped to Innovate — The Engaged Brain: Mindset, Resilience, and Grit (Part 1) — Although critical for success, a learning mindset, resilience, and grit are not the brain’s natural response to setback. However, these distinct but related frames of mind can be taught, and their use can be nudged by purposeful teachers. In this first session, we’ll explore strategies for building and preserving a learning mindset—a perspective that thinks, “I can’t do this yet!”—in our students.

Equipped to Innovate — The Engaged Brain: Mindset, Resilience, and Grit (Part 1) — In this second session, we’ll examine approaches for equipping students with resilience and grit.

Kevin Washburn Pic

Kevin Washburn

Dr. Kevin Washburn is Executive Director of Clerestory Learning, an organization that equips teachers through services that offer effective instructional solutions based on educational implications from diverse scientific research fields, including neuroscience, cognitive psychology, and brain development. Kevin has degrees in elementary education, English, and educational leadership.



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