June 24, 2018–July 1, 2018
Houghton, NY

Pre-Field Orientation

PFO 2018
June 24–July 1, 2018
Houghton, NY

Getting You Ready to Go! 

PFO 2018 prepares Christian educators and staff, boarding personnel, administrators, and their families for service in Christian international schools abroad. Participants who attend PFO 2018 will start their new assignment overseas with more confidence, transition more successfully, work with TCKs more effectively, and stay longer at their international schools.

PFO 2018 has been completely redesigned to help you get your new staff members ready to go. The new design includes a shortened schedule, interactive trainings, personal advising, and lower price structure!

Process of PFO


Tim Shuman Dan Egeler Jerry Jones Debbie MacCullough Kristi Schliep Damian Tapley Brian Weidemann
Tim Shuman Dan
Debbie MacCullough Kristi Schliep Damian Tapley Brian Weidemann

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  • Transition Skills
  • Introduction to Culture
  • Understanding Our Own Culture
  • Entering Cultures Different From Our Own
  • The Transition Experience—Leaving and Entry Implications
  • Third Culture Kid (TCK) Profile and the Implications of Third-Cultureness
  • Learning to Adapt Cross-Culturally
  • The Care and Protection of TCKs
  • Understanding Personal Differences
  • Living in Community

Tracks will include training for teachers, boarding personnel, accompanying spouses, and more. Included is a fully complementary program for children and teens about to go overseas with their parents.

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Schedule Overview

The PFO 2018 program will begin on the afternoon of Sunday, June 24, and will end after the supper banquet on the evening of Sunday, July 1. Participants may arrive as early as June 23 to settle into their housing, but must be in place on campus no later than 1 p.m. on June 24. All participants will depart campus on Monday, July 2.

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Children's Curriculum and Staff

Getting You Ready to Go includes your children. While you are going through the PFO adult program, your children—nursery through high school—will be engaged in an exciting program of their own that is complementary to yours. Our skilled teachers, who all have international experience, will prepare your children for transition in age-appropriate, engaging, and fun ways.

They are amazing


Lower pricing this year!

PFO 2018 pricing
Adult | $1508
Teen | $990
Child | $830
Nursery | $450
Fees cover Room and Board and program costs. Does not include transportation.

New! Head of School Invitation
Heads of school (or HR Directors, Recruiters, etc.) are strongly encouraged to come and be a integral part of PFO 2018, to invest in their new hires before they ever leave North America. Check out our newly reduced price structure for heads that come and advise their new staff members.

1–5 adult participants: head pays $745
6–11 adult participants: head pays $450
12 adult participants or more: head is free

*Special Track:  International Student Programs (for U.S. Schools)  June 24-30*

The International Student Program (ISP) track, Teaching and Reaching International Students, is designed to help participants with all aspects of developing international student programs in U.S. schools.  A great strength of the program is networking with other ISP Coordinators, administrators, and teachers who share their suggestions and experience.  Sessions include topics on transition, classroom teaching strategies, spiritual formation of students, and how to best equip English language learners.  Speakers and leaders are drawn from the larger PFO staff as well as outside experts.  Dates are June 24-30, 2018.

Cost for the ISP track is $845 and covers all program expenses, room, board, and CEUs. For more information, please contact the conference coordinator.

ISP Testimonial: "I strongly encourage all ISP Coordinators/Directors to mark your calendars NOW for next year's conference. I gleaned so much information and practical advice from both the presentations provided by ACSI's skilled instructors and ISP participants from across all ISP levels. We addressed issues of mutual concern and shared experiences that allowed for deeper discussions. This experience has helped me to think more deeply and consider options that will help us to improve our current program. Well done, ACSI!" ~2017 program participant

Download the App

PFO 2018 will feature an event app that will launch sometime in the new year.

Questions? Contact the PFO Coordinator.

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