Pre-Field Orientation 2020

June 23, 2020–July 1, 2020
Houghton, NY

Registration for this conference will be open in January 2020.

Getting You Ready to Go! 

PFO 2020 prepares Christian educators and staff, boarding personnel, administrators, and their families for service in Christian international schools abroad. Participants who attend PFO 2020 will start their new assignment overseas with more confidence, transition more successfully, work with TCKs more effectively, and stay longer at their international schools.

Process of PFO


Tim Shuman Jerry Jones
Tim Shuman Susan Allen Jerry Jones Leslie Johnson

Kristi Schliep Damian Tapley Brian Weidemann
Michele Phoenix Kristi Schliep Damian Tapley Brian Weidemann Val Weidemann

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  • Transition Skills
  • Introduction to Culture
  • Understanding Our Own Culture
  • Entering Cultures Different From Our Own
  • The Transition Experience—Leaving and Entry Implications
  • Third Culture Kid (TCK) Profile and the Implications of Third-Cultureness
  • Learning to Adapt Cross-Culturally
  • The Care and Protection of TCKs
  • Understanding Personal Differences
  • Living in Community

Tracks will include training for teachers, boarding personnel, accompanying spouses, and more. Included is a fully complementary program for children and teens about to go overseas with their parents.

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Schedule Detail

The PFO 2020 program will begin on the morning of Tuesday, June 23, and will end after the supper banquet on the evening of Wednesday, July 1. Participants should plan to arrive on Monday, June 22 between 9:00am and 8:00pm to settle into their housing. All participants will depart campus on Thursday, July 2 before 12:00pm.  

Schedule TBD

Camp PFO Curriculum and Staff

Getting You Ready to Go includes your children. While you are going through the PFO adult program, your children—nursery through high school—will be engaged in an exciting program of their own that parallels the adult program to help young people prepare for living internationally, an experience that includes adjusting to culture, making friends, dealing with homesickness, and making the most of their time in a country that will be new and strange to them at first.  Our skilled teachers, who all have international experience, will prepare your children for transition in age-appropriate, engaging, and fun ways. 

*Note: Age group divisions are subject to change based on enrollment. 

Dan & Laura Wilson Aaron & Amber Maxwell Andrea Tepley Teresa Jenson Erin & Danny Murphy Amy Haywood Mitch Wiisanen


Pricing includes program fees and room & board per person at the college dorms. Families will be kept together in housing suitable for the family size. Singles will be assigned two to a room. All beds are twin-sized and Pack 'N' Plays are available upon request.

We are offering free registration to one key leader from each school that comes along to invest in their own incoming staff at PFO this summer. Contact the PFO Coordinator for information prior to registering. 

Adult: $1610 
Teen (12-18): $1083
Child (5-11): $920
Pre-K/Nursery (0-4): $500


Houghton is a small village and if you would like the option to explore the surrounding area during your free times, we recommend renting a vehicle from the airport (There are no rental companies near Houghton). 

We offer shuttle transportation from Buffalo-Niagara airport to Houghton College and back for an additional cost. Times for the shuttles will be determined once all participants send their flight information to the conference coordinator. This may require a wait time at the airport, but we have a fantastic welcoming committee who will be there for all flights!

Shuttle Transportation to/from BUF: $40 pp, one way ($80 RT)

Follow On Information

Once you have registered online, you will be sent information forms, to include the health forms for each person and permission slips for Camp PFO (your child cannot start class until those have been received.) Please submit all forms to the PFO Coordinator as soon as you have your flights arranged. 

Conference App Download Instructions

Get the conference app now and access the most up-to-date information about PFO, including schedules, session descriptions and more.  We use this to push out a recommended packing list, notifications/announcements, emergency information, and Camp PFO information.

If you have questions or challenges, please contact

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