Association Releases Common Core Statement

Colorado Springs, Colo.—October 10, 2013—The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) recently released a position statement on the Common Core Standards Initiative. The statement was released to help ACSI member schools decide whether to adopt the standards; ACSI does not require curriculum decisions of any member.

"Most of our member schools' curriculum meets or exceeds Common Core standards and has since before the standards came into existence," said Taylor Smith, Jr., executive vice president for ACSI. "ACSI has thoroughly evaluated the Common Core State Standards, and we do not endorse them or encourage our member schools to do so."

It is ACSI's belief that the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are less about philosophical positioning and more about universal educational standards that are applicable worldwide. ACSI encourages all Christian schools to:

  • make themselves aware of the CCSS and whether their states have adopted them.
  • review the school's curricula to see to what degree it generally matches, exceeds, or falls short of the CCSS standards.
  • ensure that the philosophical foundations of Christian education are used to evaluate the CCSS, and be able to articulate those distinctions.
  • not adopt CCSS as a wholesale benchmark for curricular quality.
  • use the standards as an informational piece regarding the national and global educational context in which we are preparing students.

According to the Common Core State Standards Initiative website, 45 states have adopted the standards.

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