ACSI Leadership U: Admissions and Scholarship Process

Deadlines: Completed applications along with references received by March 15th will be given first consideration for enrollment in the 2017–2018 class of thirty aspiring and sitting Heads of school.

Admissions Decisions: The Leadership U faculty will review all completed applications received by the deadline. Decisions for the make-up of the class will take into account a variety of factors including mix of existing and aspiring leaders, school size and maturity, geographic diversity (including international schools), gender and racial diversity, and other factors deemed important for the class to represent the make-up of ACSI membership. Admitted applicants will receive an acceptance letter no later than March 30th with a requirement to affirm participation within ten business days.

Scholarship Assistance: Admitted applicants will be given a chance to indicate the desire to receive financial assistance. The Leadership U faculty will review all requests taking into account the number of requests along with the level of assistance requested. Awards will be granted against budgeted dollars. Applicants will have five business days to accept the award or withdraw their application.

Payment Process: A $500 deposit will be required along with the acceptance letter. Upon enrollment, the $500 will be credited toward the first payment of $2,300 which will be due June 1, 2017. The balance will be billed on September 1, 2017 and June 1, 2018.