ACSI Certification Fees


Initial and Renewal Certification $75 (Canadian—Current exchange rate)
Reprocessing Fee* $10 (Canadian—Current exchange rate)

Additional Processing Fees:

Rush Fee (10 day processing time once materials have been received and put in process): $25

3 Year Expiration Fee If your file has been expired 3 or more years: 

  1. You may start over as an initial applicant. You will need to submit copies of official college transcripts that include your name, the college name and location, degree received, and date degree was awarded and a copy of a valid state teaching credential (optional). You may lose credit for any additional documents that are in your expired file, such as CEUs or a completed philosophy checklist, unless you are able to produce copies. 

  2. If you wish to renew your certificate, it will be necessary to pay the additional 3 Year Expiration Fee which is $25. You will be required to submit all renewal requirements as listed on the bottom portion of your certificate.

Files that expired prior to 2006 have been destroyed. Please apply as an initial applicant.

*Reprocessing Fee:  

A reprocessing fee of $10 for each area of certification requested will apply in the following situations:

  • You have 6 months from the issue date of a certificate to upgrade or add documentation to a newly issued Temporary or Standard certificate. After 6 months you must pay the $75 application fee.
  • Any application packets returned for insufficient documentation may be re-submitted within 6 months for the $10 reprocessing fee. After 6 months you must pay the $75 application fee.