Global Prayer Guide

Global Prayer Guide

March 2017 

1 ACSI Europe: The third annual International Educational Leadership Conference in Budpest, Hungary, will be held March 1–4. Pray for the translators that will be providing simultaneous translation into five languages during the conference.
2 Senegal: Dakar Academy is praising the Lord for a very fruitful outreach that took place at the end of January! They witnessed 175 people commit their lives to Jesus during a five-day evangelism campaign. Glory to God!
3 ACSI Dominican Republic: Please pray for the 15-hour training on biblical parenting that will be held this month. Pray that this training will have a profound impact on the families that attend as well as the school community.

6 ACSI Francophone: The first manual of the Elementary Bible Series will be published in French. Pray that the Francophone schools in French-speaking countries will be encouraged to make these available in their schools. Also pray that there will be accuracy in the translation work as hundreds of hours of intensive work goes into the layout and proofreading.
7 Ukraine: Kyiv Christian Academy is praising God for providing a new school director and for the funding to build a new school! Also miraculously God provided a teacher to fill the 4th grade position this year.
8 ACSI Southern Africa: Pray for Sean Moore, the new director of the Southern Africa office. Pray that Sean and his team will have wisdom, unity, and strength to provide training and resources to Christian schools.
9 ACSI Nigeria: Pray that the political and economic climate for the country of Nigeria would stabilize so that Christian schools may prosper and grow.
10 India: Pray that the teachers and staff at Hebron School will be able to acquire their visas enabling them to stay in the country and continue teaching at the school.

13 ACSI Uganda: Pray for Davis Hiire and his team as they lead ACSI Uganda. Pray that they will be strengthened and encouraged in the work of Christian education.
14 COTE d'IVOIRE: The Ivorian Evangelical Christian School will be meeting with Daniel Neuhaus and Anne-Marie Jayer in Abidjan. They will be discussing the implementation of the train-the-trainers program. Pray that they will have wisdom in all strategic decisions.
15 Costa Rica: Sojourn Academy is giving thanks for God's provision of a new general director, Kevin Reilly! Please pray that Kevin and his wife will get everything accomplished as they prepare to move to Costa Rica in July. 
16 International Schools: Pray for the Pre-Field Orientation (PFO) team as they prepare for a two-week training that will take place June 24–July 7. Also, pray that God will provide the necessary funds so that many teachers and families may attend this orientation.
17 Albania: The desire for an Albanian Christian school is on the hearts of national and international believers. Pray that the educators, pastors, and parents will have wisdom, unity, and perseverance to make this desire a reality.

20 Indonesia: Pray for Sekolah Dian Harapan in Jakarta, a national school, as they enter the accreditation process. Pray that the process will help them improve schoolwide.
21 South Korea: Teachers are needed at Taejon Christian International School for the next school year. Pray that God will bring the right individuals to fill these positions for this school.
22 ACSI Brazil: The National Educators Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil will be held April 21–22. Pray that the visa process will be accomplished quickly so that the keynote speaker will receive his visa in time for the conference.
23 Ghana: American International School (AIS) is facing some financial challenges. Please pray that AIS will have wisdom as they seek God's direction for the school.
24 Korea: International Christian School in Uijongbu is in need of a science teacher for the next school year. Please pray that God will provide the key individual to fill this position.

27 Canada: Pray for the school leaders meeting in Abbotsford, British Columbia, as they meet for their district meeting. Cultural changes in Canada bring new challenges necessitating the Spirit's guidance to navigate school leaders' responses to frequently antagonistic media.
28 ACSI Dominican Republic: Rejoice with this global office that they have a full 2017 calendar of training, teaching, and encouraging in Latin America! Pray that the teachers will be encouraged and challenged as they attend these events.
29 Singapore: Pray that the International Community School administration and their school board will have long-term solutions to accommodate the school's growing enrollment.
30 Bolivia: God is working in the lives of families and children who attend Highland International School in La Paz. Please pray that the teachers will be strengthened and committed to continue to plant seeds and help those seeds grow in the lives of parents and children.
31 International Schools: The International Christian Educator Conference will be held April 6–9 in Limuru, Kenya. Pray that the participants will learn, grow, and flourish in their educational roles and then implement the learning into their classrooms. 

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