Leadership MATTERS

Leadership Matters

Leadership Matters provides reviews of Christian and secular leadership books for busy Christian school leaders. Each issue includes a detailed review of one or two books regarding some aspect of leadership. This quarterly publication also includes guest columns by school heads and significant journal reviews. Journal reviews tend to come from:

  • Harvard Business Review (HBR)
  • Educational Leadership—the journal of ASCD
  • Leader to Leader—published by the Francis Hesselbein Institute

On occasion, articles from other journals are reviewed. The books reviewed are often recent publications with leadership themes. Reviewers frequently choose secular leadership books and review them from a biblical perspective. Since "all truth is God's truth," secular writers can stumble onto truths about people and leadership that line up with what scripture teaches. On other occasions, popular leadership writing presents serious conflicts with biblical truth. Each of the reviewers is familiar with the world of Christian school leadership and "wears biblical worldview glasses" while reading and reviewing the literature.

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