Global Prayer Guide

Global Prayer Guide


1 Ethiopia: Please pray for the new head of school at Bingham Academy. He and his family arrived in Addis Ababa in January. Pray that they acclimate quickly to a new country, a new language, and a new school community.
2 ACSI Global: Pray for the men and women that travel around the world to train and equip educators to be effective in their schools. Pray that they will have safety, energy, wisdom, and God's words as they serve the schools.
Also pray for the Christ Church Preparatory School and College in South Africa as they will be attending a Human Rights Commission mediation today. Pray that they will have God's wisdom and strength in this difficult process. 

5 International Schools: Pray that God will provide heads of school, teachers, and staff that each school will need for the 2018–19 school year.
6 ACSI Burkina Faso: This office is initiating a project to serve vulnerable children in their Christian schools. Pray that the needed funds and resources will be met to help these children.
7 Nigeria: Pray that Ville Montessori School-Yenagoa will grow and will meet the approval standards of the local government.
8 Cambodia: Logos International School and Asian Hope International are recruiting teachers for the next school year. Pray that God will provide and draw men and women to teach and to serve in this needy country.
9 Thailand: Pray that God will provide qualified teaching staff and personnel to fill key positions for the 2018–19 school year at Grace International School in Chiangmai.

12 ACSI Nigeria: Pray that God would provide a larger vehicle for this office. The staff would like to be more available to their schools so that they can train the educators on professional development.
13 International Schools: Pray for the Pre-Field Orientation (PFO) team as they prepare for a ten-day training that will take place June 24–July 1. Pray that many teachers will hear about this event and make plans to attend.
14 United States: Today this country celebrates Valentine's Day. Pray that the Gospel message of Christ's love will be renewed in the hearts of His people.
15 Brazil: Praise the Lord that Brasilia International School (BIS) has seen an abundance of new students joining the BIS family second semester!
16 Cambodia: It is time for Asian Hope International (AHI) to renew their school registration with the government. Pray that AHI will have favor with the officials and that the registration papers will be issued for another year.

19 ACSI Africa: The ACSI Africa Roundtable will be held February 19–22 in Johannesburg. Pray that the leaders of this event will have God's skillful and godly wisdom to know the direction that they should go for the further development of Christian schools across this continent.
20 Thailand: Rejoice with Grace International School (GIS) because God provided a new school campus for them! GIS desires for God to use the new campus for His purposes and glory. Pray that the construction will go smoothly and quickly so that they can move into the new building for the 2019–20 school year.
21 International Schools: The International School Leaders Conference (ISLC) will be held April 29–May 2 in Portoroz, Slovenia. Pray that the Lord will direct the steps of the team organizing this event.
22 ACSI Nigeria: Sarah Kluitenberg will be joining the ACSI Nigeria office in March. Please pray that the rest of her financial support will be raised so that she can serve in this office.
23 Kenya: West Nairobi School (WNS) has been praying for a revival for a length of time. They have seen children turn their hearts to God and also have seen others wrestle with their faith. Pray that WNS will see greater growth, faith, obedience, and courage in their students.

26 Peru: Rejoice with International Christian School in Lima because they received a generous donation to help in the remodeling of the school! Pray that the construction of the remodel will continue to go smoothly.
27 Korea: Pray that the staff at Yongsan International School of Seoul will have continued strength and endurance during this second semester. Also pray for a spirit of unity and for encouragement from the Lord as they serve.
28 Thailand: Pray that Grace International School in Chiangmai will have increased unity and collaboration among the staff, the students, and the community as they prepare to transition to the new school location.

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