Global Prayer Guide

Global Prayer Guide

December 2017 

1 Guatemala: Please pray for the board of ACSI Latin America which has its meeting today. Pray for wisdom from the Spirit as they meet for planning to serve the Christian schools and teachers of the Spanish-speaking world. Pray for Stuart Salazar and his team as they thoughtfully prepare for these meetings and effective follow-up.

4 Paraguay: Pray for the Colegio Johannes Gutenberg de Campo 9 in Estigarribia, Paraguay, near the Iguazu Falls of Paraguay, Brazil, and Argentina. Pray for a wonderful conclusion to the school year and new enrollments for the start of a new school year in January.
5 Albania: Pray that the K-12 Christmas program at GDQ International Christian School will minister to the many individuals as they present the true message of Christmas.
6 Papua New Guinea: Rejoice with Ukarumpa International School that all their staffing needs have been filled for this school year!
7 Germany: Please pray that more families will recognize the importance of Christian education and enroll their children at International Christian School of Stuttgart.
8 Cameroon: Rain Forest International School Yaounde is praising God for staff members who returned safe and healthy after a medical check-up trip to the U.S.

11 Japan: Pray for the Christian leadership of J. F. Oberlin Junior and Senior High School in the outskirts of Tokyo. The school has over 1,700 middle and high school students. Only 15% of the faculty are Christians, but the school's goal is to foster internationally-minded students with the Christian faith. Pray for more Christian teachers and a wise and winsome strategy to reach their school community for Christ.
12 South Africa: The senior deputy principal at Lighthouse Christian College was killed in a car accident recently. Please pray for the family and the school community as they grieve. Also pray that God's peace and comfort will be experienced.
13 Albania: Pray that the students at GDQ International Christian School will grow in their love for the Lord and will cultivate a generous heart.
14 Japan: Join International Christian Academy of Nagoya in praying that God would increase their enrollment from the current 77 students to 100 students.
15 South Africa: Trinity Children's Centre is thanking the Lord for the provision of new property to relocate and to grow the school! Pray that they will have God's wisdom and direction as they move forward in this process.

18 Senegal: Dakar Academy is gearing up for their outreach at the end of January. They will be returning to finish the new school building that they started in November. Pray that the staff and students will be salt and light in the community as they build this new school.
19 Germany: Pray that there will continue to be positive and healthy relationships between International Christian School of Stuttgart and parents.
20 South Africa: Bluff Christian Academy (BCA) currently shares a space with another school. Pray that God will provide the funds to purchase some land so that they can relocate the school.
21 Japan: International Christian Academy of Nagoya is praising the Lord for their unified and committed teachers and staff! Also pray that there will be a continued spirit of unity and encouragement from the Lord as they serve.
22 International Schools: Pray for the International School Leaders Conference (ISLC) that will be held January 25-28 in San Jose, Costa Rica. Pray that those planning for the conference will have creativity and wisdom in all preparations.

25 World: As we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, take a moment to reflect on the impact of this gift in your life. As you walk in fellowship with Him in this coming year, pray that your joy would increase and your life would bring honor and glory to His name.
26 International Schools: Rejoice with the schools that are on the road to recovery from the past devastating hurricanes! Pray that those affected will persevere and be filled with hope in the days ahead.
27 Cameroon: Pray that all the staffing needs will be filled for the 2018-19 school year at Ukarumpa International School. The available positions include: teachers for grades 1, 2, and 4.
28 World: Pray that each Christian school around the world will be faithful to its mission statement and will continue to provide a Christ-centered education that aims to develop a Christian worldview through all that is done. 

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