Global Prayer Guide


February 1–8

SOUTH AFRICA: The ACSI Southern Africa member schools started their academic year in January. Pray that the staff and students would grow in the Lord and have wisdom as they start this new school year.

SOUTH AFRICA: Pray for the ACSI Southern Africa team as they prepare and host an LGBTQ and identity conference that will be held on February 7–9 in Randburg. Pray that the speakers and leaders at the conference will have God's wisdom, perspective, and grace as they answer questions and information.

BELIZE: Pray that God would increase student enrollment, bring the right teachers, and provide essential funds for Belize Christian Academy.

PARAQUAY: Rejoice with Asuncion Christian Academy that they completed their ACSI and AdvancED accreditation!

February 11–15

CURACAO: Pray that Beacon International School will have wisdom when hiring new teachers. Pray that more students will attend and that the new school building will be complete by the beginning of the next school year.

JAPAN: Pray that Yokohama Christian School will have wisdom and discernment as the administration team goes through a time of transition.

SOUTH KOREA: Pray for Taejon Christian International School and Gyeonggi Suwon International School that new students will be open to the gospel and that service education projects will be successful.

PARAQUAY: Pray that God will strengthen and encourage the new teachers and students at Asuncion Christian Academy as they acclimate to the culture.

February 18–22

INDONESIA: Gloria Christian School, a school with over 4,500 students on multiple campuses of Surabaya, East Juva, is having its reaccreditation visit this week. Pray that the school might be blessed and that the visiting team, led by Dr. David Wilcox, can help the school in their improvement planning.

SOUTH KOREA: Taejon Christian International School and Gyeonggi Suwon International School are praising the Lord for increased second semester enrollment, continued interest in spiritual growth among students, and some filled teacher positions for next school year.

INDONESIA: Sekolah Pelita Harapan (SPH) in Jakarta is finding it increasingly difficult to get teachers from North America to come and teach in Indonesia. Pray that more educators will consider joining SPH for two or more years to engage in the ministry of the school and this developing nation.

INDONESIA: ACSI member school leaders and educators in West Papua are coming together in Jayapura for professional development. Pray that there will be unity and an equipping of the Christian educators in this easternmost state of Indonesia.

February 25–28

INDONESIA: Christian school leaders in Makassar, South Sulawesi, are meeting together for fellowship and leadership training. Pray for Dr. Ishak Wonohadidjojo, Country Director, as he leads this meeting.

INDONESIA: ACSI leaders are meeting on February 26 in Makassar with education leaders at one of the few Christian universities with government approval to train school teachers. Pray that they will catch the vision of preparing teachers to teach redemptively.

EUROPE: The ACSI Europe team will be hosting the International Educational Leadership Conference in Budapest from February 27 to March 2. Pray that the 200 participants attending will be encouraged and strengthened as they attend this conference.

PARAQUAY: Pray that God will provide a music teacher for Asuncion Christian Academy (ACA). Pray that many teachers will commit to teaching at ACA for the next school year.

NEW ZEALAND: Middleton Grange School is beginning the search for a new principle. Pray that God will provide the right person to fill this important position. 

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