Global Prayer Guide


1 Jordan: Praise the Lord together with Roy & Dora Whitman Academy! They have a full staff of teachers for this academic year!
2 Cameroon:
Pray that the financial support of the new science teacher at Rain Forest International School will come in quickly. Also pray for the teachers who are covering more classes than normal.
3 Ukraine:
Ten members of the Kyiv Christian Academy staff are having to cancel their temporary residence permits, fly out of the country, and reapply for visas due to a new immigration office law. Please pray that the Lord will provide for quick renewals of the visas and residency permits and provide for the additional financial cost to these teachers. 
4 Thailand:
Bangkok Christian International School (BCIS) is outgrowing its current site. Pray that the Lord would supply the necessary funds to enable BCIS to purchase land and build a new facility.
5 Jordan:
Roy & Dora Whitman Academy have an immediate need for a school nurse. Pray that God will provide that key person to fill that position.

8 Cambodia: Join HOPE International School in giving thanks that they are fully staffed, the teacher retention rate is improving, the parents are supporting the teachers and students, and the school board is giving its time and efforts to the mission and vision of the school.
9 Nicaragua:
Please pray that the Lord would increase the student enrollment at Nicaragua Christian Academy International (NCAI). Pray that more families will recognize the importance of Christian education and enroll their children at NCAI.
10 India:
School leaders who are willing to lead a chapter of Christian schools in regions of India are meeting today. ACSI India has been established as a fellowship of regional chapters of schools. Pray that these leaders will have wisdom for these foundational meetings to advance Christian schooling in India.
11 Rwanda:
Kigali International Community School (KICS) is growing, and it is time to expand their borders. Pray that KICS will have God's favor to purchase land at an affordable price.
12 Ukraine:
Kyiv Christian Academy is looking forward to moving to its new campus. Pray that the facility will be completed before the end of this year.

15 Korea: Pray that Taejon Christian International School and Gyeonggi Suwon International School can successfully and graciously host an Asia-Pacific volleyball tournament and the parent teacher conferences.
16 International Schools:
The International Christian Educator Conference (ICEC Asia) will be held November 21–24 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Pray that this conference will provide a focused time of professional development, networking, and fellowship for international school educators. Also pray for the keynote speakers and the preconference presenters.
17 New Zealand:
Mike Epp and Dave Wilcox are meeting with the leaders of the New Zealand Association for Christian Schools. Pray that a strong partnership can be formed to serve the Christian schools of the South Pacific nations.
18 Cameroon:
Please pray that the political climate during Cameroon's election would be smooth and that Rain Forest International School would not be affected by any violence.
19 Nigeria:
Pray for the provision of a new school bus for Best Winners School (BWS). Also pray that student enrollment would increase a hundredfold at BWS.

22 International Schools: The annual International School Job Fair will be taking place at universities across the United States from October 22–30. Please pray that international schools from all over the world will connect with students seeking jobs to fulfill their positions.
23 Korea: Praise the Lord with Taejon Christian International School and Gyeonggi Suwon International School that a student with a brain tumor was healed! All glory to God! 
24 Ghana: Pray that the enrollment would increase at American International School (AIS) so that all financial obligations can be met. Join AIS in praying that 160 more students will attend AIS this year.
25 Tanzania:
Christ Church International School needs a new school director. Pray that God will bring the right person to fill this position and that there will be a smooth transition. 
26 ACSI Korea: Pray for Peter and Kevin, our new ACSI Korea leaders. Pray that they will have God's direction, listening ears, and responsive hearts to be able to serve the Korean schools.

29 Nigeria: Pray for spiritual and professional growth of the teachers and staff of Breakthrough Academy. Also pray that the leadership will carry forth the vision of the school and challenge teachers, students, and school families.
30 Rwanda:
Pray that students at Kigali International Community School will grow in their love for the Lord and have a desire to serve and follow Him faithfully. 
31 Nigeria: Pray that the staff and students of Woji Town Word of Faith School will fully realize and embrace the incredible potential they have to impact the kingdom of God within the school, the community, and the world. 

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