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From the beginning, ACSI has sought to make available the very best text books, manuals, and professional resources to the Christian school movement. We have also committed to the ever-increasing development of excellent educational resources for Christian schools around the world. Purposeful Design Publications, the publishing division of ACSI, is a result of that commitment.
Featured Publication
Grade 1 Math

Revised math editions feature lessons with hands on activities, conceptual understanding, problem solving, application, modeling, strong emphasis of skill development and concept mastery, emphasis on STEM's interdisciplinary approach, more practice materials and activities with engaging photographs, tables, charts, and illustrations.

Featured Publication
Schools as Communities

Whether you are a leader-in-training or currently in a leadership role, Schools as Communities will be an indispensable resource for you. It stresses the importance of strong relationships and the pursuit of mercy, justice, and faithfulness in the culturally transformative process of education. This book provides the philosophical background and the practical tools that are necessary to create vibrant learning communities-all under the grace of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Our textbook series and courses provide an engaging format for students, an objective-focused lesson structure, an abundance of support content, a variety of instructional options, and suggestions for differentiating instruction. Our textbooks are also aligned to national content standards. But most important, our textbooks are purposefully designed to enhance the teaching gift so that teachers can shape lessons to give their students the opportunity to succeed.

Achievement Testing

ACSI's partnership with Data Recognition Corporation (DRC) provides ACSI member schools with a full-service student assessment program, which provides access to superior quality and current testing products and services. ACSI remains committed to providing the following products and services to member Christian schools now and in the future.

Foundational Books on Christian Schooling

Purposeful Design professional resources cover a variety of topics and are designed to address the unique issues that Christian school educators face.