CA/HI Accreditation

Accredited Schools

Interested in Accreditation?

ACSI Accreditation is a highly effective way for a Christian school/program to evaluate itself in light of its unique educational mission. An authentic Christian school/program may be thought of as involving the four interwoven educational strands of

  1. academic ideas and thinking
  2. skills for life and living;
  3. biblical worldview grounding
  4. personal character, values, and spiritual formation.

The self-study process guides a school/program to evaluate and reflect on all it does in light of this distinctive, four-pronged mission.

Accreditation and school improvement assist schools in changing for the better in an orderly and systematic way. They bring a vigorous dynamic into the school by engaging every school constituent in a process of organizational appraisal.

The California/Hawaii region has a joint accreditation with WASC.