Accredited Schools

Reach 2.1 

Certification Questions?

            Contact the Certification Department by email at, or by calling the toll free number 888.839.8101.

            Look up your certification requirements Certification Review.

On Going Accreditation Training:

  • School Coordinator Training:This workshop is targeted for the school coordinator of the self-study, the person given the responsibility of coordinating the entire process
  • Course 1:The program consists of three sessions that address the basic issues of the accreditation process. By attending these sessions, your schools "accreditation expert" will be better informed about the new accreditation protocol, and your schools "accreditation novice" will be informed well in advance of the self-study year.
  • Visiting Committee Team Training: This training reviews pertinent information in the handbook, discussing proper procedures for writing the Visiting Committee Report and allowing opportunity for questions and answers.

For meeting dates and location, please email our accreditation coordinator.

  • Intersted in serving on an accreditation team*?

    You will have the opportunity to:
    • Visit another fine Christian School for three days, providing an opportunity to observe the day-to-day activity of that school.
    • Benefit from the experience of working together with outstanding Christian administrators and teachers in assisting a Christian school to establish its priorities.
    • Become more familiar with the REACH Accreditation Manual as your own school will be involved in the protocol in future years.
    Please complete a Visiting Committee profile and email our accreditation coordinator to be placed on a team.  *Training is available.