Florida Snapshot

Florida/Caribbean Region, September 2018


The significance of Early Education in the grand scheme of Christian education simply cannot be overempasized. For too long, Early Ed programs and Early Educators have been treated like second-class citizens in many of our circles. Indeed, the problem may have even been systemic in some of our institutions.

Years ago, most families were intact with a mom and dad, strongly committed to one another. In my growing up years, most moms were stay-at-home moms who didn't have to be employed outside of the home and had the wonderful privilege of raising their children and staying home while doing it. The need for a Christian Early Ed program was rare, as the training was accomplished in the home. Those days are long gone for most families.

Today, many families are broken, with just one parent doing the gist of the parenting. Most moms don't have the luxury of staying at home. They must be gainfully employed to make ends meet or to afford the privilege of having their children in a Christian school. Hence, little children, in their most formative years, are often enrolled in our Early Ed Centers.

We partner with the parents to help train these little ones, in their most impressionable years, to love the Lord and begin to learn all things from a Christian worldview perspective. Simply put, Early Education and Early Educators are the life-blood of our schools and the most important first steps for our children. They are a heritage that cannot be overlooked or under budgeted. We ought to make sure they receive only the very best.

What's your priority for these little ones? Thank you, Early Educators, for the wonderful blessing you are to our schools and to our families. Your ministry to the littlest ones is greatly valued.


David Holtzhouse - Regional Director, Florida/Caribbean

Regional News

2018 Florida Caribbean Fall District Meetings

This year for our fall District Meetings, we plan on taking a deep dive into the subject of SCHOOL SAFETY. This issue encompasses much more than the current political climate and media would have us believe (i.e. gun control, etc.). We will answer the question: What does it mean to be "safe" in a Christian school? Plan now to attend one of our Florida Caribbean District Meetings!

Regional Events

Featured event:  2018 Professional Development (PD) Forums

The theme for this year's PD Forums is "Educating for the Common Good".

Join us October 18-19, 2018 at the Ft. Lauderdale PD Forum! Be sure to register your staff on our website today.

Student Activities

Registration for all student activities is now open!

Don't miss out on the opportunity of having your students participate in a number of exciting events this year and celebrate the talents that the Lord has given them! Activities include spelling bees, speech meets, fine arts festivals, creative writing, a number of math events, and more. Click here to see our new web pages and registration information. We look forward to seeing your students throughout the year!

Our two National High School Leadership Conferences are quickly approaching, November 18-20 in Washington, DC, and February 3-5 in Murrieta, California.

The theme of the conferences is re:act Human Suffering in Light of God's Story. Your top-level high school leaders will not want to miss this event which includes inspiring worship, deep content rooted in a biblical worldview, and fun activities. Register now!

For our California, Northeast, Northwest, and Southeast schools, don't miss out on your middle school students attending a variety of one day events designed to help them better understand their own gifts, sharpen their ability to work with others, and have a proactive plan to engage your own community with God's love.

Click here for dates, locations, and registration information.