Florida Snapshot

Florida/Caribbean Region, MAy 2018


I'm so excited by my visits to the wonderful schools all around the Florida/Caribbean Region! What makes me so excited? It's the spirit-filled, godly leadership that I'm seeing from the Head of Schools to the teachers in the classroom.

People are what makes the difference. Rarely do I ever hear someone talking about any one particular academic lesson they remember from their school years, but I always hear about the impact an administrator, teacher, or coach made on them personally and the life lessons that were learned first hand.

Godliness is a great worth and is being passed on in our Christian schools. Thank you for being leaders worthy of being followed.

"The student is not above the teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like their teacher." (Luke 6:40, NIV)


David Holtzhouse - Regional Director, Florida/Caribbean

P.S. Since the Maundy Thursday Day of Prayer, we have received many amazing reports from schools all over the world about answered prayer. One Christian school in the Northeast region of the US shared that they were about to be foreclosed upon because of a large debt they weren't able to pay. Since they asked the Christian school movement to pray for them, God has provided a donor to pay their entire debt and enable the school to continue their ministry. Praise the Lord! Consider encouraging others by sharing stories of answered prayers on social media using the hashtag #SchoolsThatPray.

Regional News

As we wind down this school year, I hope you can think about your fall schedule and lock in a date for our ACSI Fall Administrator District Meetings. These meetings typically convene around 8:30am for a continental breakfast and time to mix with other administrators, and then jump into a robust time of professional development through the noon hour.

This year, our prime topic for professional development will centered around school safety. Together, we will answer the question, What does it mean to be "safe" in a Christian school? We will approach this topic with the whole child in mind and deal with emotional safety, physical safety, and spiritual safety. What about mental health issues? School policies? Legal issues and ramifications. Active shooter scenarios. What is important to Gen Z? What do they view as "safe"? This will not just focus on school shootings. It is much broader than gun related issues. Check out the dates and locations.

While we encourage you to attend the meeting in your district, you may attend whatever meeting is most convenient in your schedule. I look forward to seeing you there this fall.

Student Activities

Looking for a catalyst to mobilize students towards making a positive impact with their endless energy? Check out upcoming ACSI student leadership conferences and feedback from previous events!

Middle School Leadership Conferences

 "Our students implemented a school-wide event generated from the ideas received at the conference."

"My students learned to work outside of their comfort zone, what the Bible says about leaders, and how to work with people they didn't know."

High School Leadership Conferences

"This event transformed hearts of students more than any event we've invested in."

"This conference continues to be fresh, fun, and challenging year after year! Our students leave with practical ideas for practicing conference topics in our school and community."