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Student Activities Florida Calendar (Tentative)—updated 8.1.17

Student Activities Participation Guide

Student Participation Form:

  • Complete the online Student Participation Fee form (available 12.1.17) indicating the number of students attending. Pay by credit card or mail a check to the FL office.
  • Mail/email a copy of the Event Student Participation Form to the event chairperson.

For assistance, contact the Student Activities Florida Regional Office.

Mission Statement:

Florida Student Activities enhance learning beyond the classroom by equipping Christian schools and educators while challenging students toward God-honoring applications of their fine art and academic abilities.     

How to get started:

Florida Region schools register for Student Activities from August through November. See quick links for registration forms that are available during these months for the events that take place in February through late April of each year. After registering, schools are given access to event handbooks filled with resources and documents to help coordinate each specific activity.  


The student activity program is a member benefit of ACSI. To find out more about ACSI membership, email the Florida Regional Office or call 727.734.7096.  


Activities provide opportunities for students to practically apply and develop skills necessary for confident Christian leadership. Each activity is planned to impact student's educational and spiritual growth plus encouraging them to be a testimony to the gospel. Events also seek to provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship and positive interaction between students and teachers of participating schools.  

Florida Student Activities:

  • Choral Festivals
  • Creative Writing Festivals
  • Math Olympics
  • Elementary Speech Meets
  • Spelling Bees

For assistance or more information, please email the Florida Regional Office or call 727.734.7096.