Innovative Practices

September 2015 Posting

Searching for Effective Practices from our Mid-America schools...

I've had the good fortune of visiting some 350+ schools in the past two years, and I've witnessed some innovative practices that I am hoping may be shared with others in our region and beyond. I am desiring to make our ACSI Mid-America webpage a treasury of innovative ideas and practices. In order to accomplish this, we'll need your help. Please forward to us your innovative ideas, practices, and events by describing these fresh ideas in an essay/narrative of 500 words maximum. We will select the best of these and publish them onto our website and tell others of what you are doing.

Please describe your Innovative Practice:

  • What are the learning goals/student outcomes you are achieving?
  • How long have you been implementing this innovation and how is it affecting your school and/or school culture?
  • Is there any research or studies/books that give basis to your innovative practice?
  • How transferable is your idea to other schools and how?
  • For more of school and person submitting this description. Contact information?

Please submit to ACSI Mid-America Regional Office. If you have any questions, please contact Kellie Miller at 815.282.7070.

Serving together,

Jeffrey Mattner, Ed.D.
Regional Director