MA Snapshot

Mid-America, May 2018


Happy May! I know your schedule is full with year-end concerts, sporting events, graduations and open houses... it's enough to make your head spin. You have run the race of this school year with diligence and grit. But, as a wise sage once said, "it's not how you start the race that counts, but how you finish it."

But, here's something to think about... finishing this school year with JOY. Before this school year is over, give yourself some time to reflect on all the good that has happened this year. Students, teachers, staff, families have been strengthened and enriched. You've grown in your ability to lead. Perhaps, you've grown in the area of trusting Him. Take the time to consider all that the Lord has done in your school. Give Him praise...may it well up in you a grateful heart. That joy may sustain you in these last busy days of the year, for "the joy of the LORD is your strength" (Nehemiah 8:10, NIV).

Serving Together,
Jeff Mattner - Regional Director, Mid-America

P.S. Since the Maundy Thursday Day of Prayer, we have received many amazing reports from schools all over the world about answered prayer. One Christian school in the Northeast region of the US shared that they were about to be foreclosed upon because of a large debt they weren't able to pay. Since they asked the Christian school movement to pray for them, God has provided a donor to pay their entire debt and enable the school to continue their ministry. Praise the Lord! Consider encouraging others by sharing stories of answered prayers on social media using the hashtag #SchoolsThatPray.

Regional News

Mark your calendars for our Fall District Meetings scheduled for this September. This is a time of connection, collaboration, and confirmation. Among the topics discussed in roundtable format include the issue of school safety... physical, emotional and spiritual. 

Find a meeting near you!

Regional Events

Featured event:  Career Service and Achievement Award

Nominations are now being accepted for the ACSI Career Service and Achievement Award. This award recognizes teachers and administrators at the preschool through 12th grade level who are entering formal retirement at the conclusion of the present school year (2017/18) and who have spent a significant portion of their education career in Christian schooling. The deadline for submission has been extended but is ending soon.  Learn More About The Event

Featured event:  The Wheaton Academy Best Practices Conference for the Christian SchoolTM

The Wheaton Academy Best Practices Conference for the Christian SchoolTM will move to Nashville this summer where it will be co-hosted by Lipscomb Academy. Be sure to register your team for this event. The last two years, the conference was at capacity! Learn More About The Event

Student Activities

Looking for a catalyst to mobilize students towards making a positive impact with their endless energy? Check out upcoming ACSI student leadership conferences and feedback from previous events!

Middle School Leadership Conferences

"Our students implemented a school-wide event generated from the ideas received at the conference."

"My students learned to work outside of their comfort zone, what the Bible says about leaders, and how to work with people they didn't know."

High School Leadership Conferences

"This event transformed hearts of students more than any event we've invested in."

"This conference continues to be fresh, fun, and challenging year after year! Our students leave with practical ideas for practicing conference topics in our school and community."

Additional Announcements

Marketing Your School to Advance your Mission: Launching Next Year (by Finishing this School Year Well)

Last Call for our 90-minute ZOOM call with Jan Stump on May 2 at 1:00 PM (EDT)

  • The role of admissions in buidling a flourishing school
  • Re-evaluate and elevate your mission
  • Focus on retaining your students
  • Cultivate a faculty that passionately supports your admissions process
  • Strategies for reversing a faltering environment

Interested in being a part of this ZOOM call? Email Jeff Mattner and get a ZOOM invitation/link. Hurry... the call is on May 2. We will be recording for those who wish to attend, but can't make it.

Congratulations to Oakdale Christian Academy for completing its Boarding School Accreditation visit!

Oakdale Christian Academy is the first boarding school in the United States to complete this process. Boarding accreditation status signifies that a boarding school has met institutional standards of quality for boarding caregiving and has verified their commitment to strategic, continuous, and systematic improvement.

The visiting team has recommended a full five-year term of Boarding accreditation, which will compliment their ACSI/AdvancED Academic accreditation. OCA serves 55 junior and senior high students, 44 of which are full time boarding students, from 18 states and 12 foreign countries.