2020 Mid-America Leadership Conference

Choice of Three Dates and Three Venues

Join leaders in the ACSI Mid-America region for this late winter conference. Designed for heads of school and other key leadership personnel, the Leadership Conference will feature Simon Jeynes, executive director of Christian School Management (CSM). His theme will address Innovative Leadership in the Christian School. Simon has spent 26 years in Christian education in Canada and consulted with 150 schools for Independent School Management (ISM). Plan now to attend and interact with an outstanding Christian educator as he presents vital and vigorous leadership instruction.


The intent of these sessions is to provide cutting edge advice and cousel that may be applied to any size school. Come and receive valuable training which you can put to use right away in your school.


Monday, February 24 | Great Lakes Conference | Harvest Christian Academy, Elgin, IL | Register Today!

Friday, February 28 | Ohio River Conference | Worthington Christian School, Worthington, OH | Register Today!

Friday, March 6  | Northern Plains Conference | Southwest Christian High School, Chaska, MN | Register Today!


Great Lakes Conference at Elgin, IL  |  Hilton Garden Inn Hoffman Estates
Ohio River Conference at Worthington, OH  | 
Nationwide Hotel and Conference Ctr
Northern Plains Conference at Chaska, MN  | 
Oak Ridge Hotel and Conference Center  Use code: ACSI


8:30-9:00  Welcome/Worship/Prayer

9:00-9:45  Session One: Biblical Innovation is Thoughtful
Innovation sounds great. Who could be against it? But let’s be real. Many of us are multi-tasking (even though the science says it’s not possible), covering many responsibilities, and innovation is not our first interest. But today’s success is tomorrow’s failure in 2020. How do we continue to adapt to our children, our families, our church, our context, and our culture? Innovation / adaptation / divergent thinking take considerable personal and team resources. How can we follow Jesus’ example and organize our personal and team leadership to enable to us to do these important things? Come with your own daily routine and transform it for leadership success.

9:45-10:00  Break

10:00-10:45  Session Two: Innovation means Stewardship of Time and Time is God’s Time
Time is free. At least, we are given 24 hours every day and God doesn’t charge us for that. What we do with it matters. We are stewards of Time, not users. And how that Time is used matters to every child in your school. It can determine their academic success or failure; it can predict whether they will behave or misbehave; it can help them manage their emotions. So come with your own school master schedule and we’ll look at how innovative leaders are using time in 2020.

10:45-11:30  Peer time (Directed question for small group discussion among the school leaders)

11:30-12:00  Gather together to hear perspectives from small groups

12:00-1:00  Lunch

1:00-1:45  Session Three: Innovation is Connected to Life-cycles
Your school is on a journey. You as a leader are also on a journey. The Christian vocation is a life-long journey. Being innovative, thinking up new stuff to do, is not about (re)inventing the wheel but recognizing where you are on the journey. Knowing which corner you must turn next helps you understand where you have the best chance of being successful. And life-cycles tell you when you should not be innovative as well. New isn’t always better! Come with your school’s story and analyze where you will travel next.

1:45-2:00  Break

2:00-2:45  Session Four: Innovative Leadership Means Change!
It’s easy to say the word “innovative”. It’s hard to live with innovation because it means change – personal, professional, and team change. You are probably already leading one, two, three, or even more change initiatives at your school. What does change theory tell us about your likelihood of deep learning as a result of your initiatives? Is there a Biblical change theory? Come with your list of initiatives, actual or thought about, and find out what to do with them.

2:45-3:30  Peer time (Directed question for small group discussion among the school leaders)

3:30-4:00  Wrap Up (Gather to hear perspective from small groups and final words/dismissal)


$149 per member school participant which includes continental breakfast and lunch. $189 for non-member school participants.

For more information please email our coordinator or call 972.941.4407