Academic Day—West Virginia Only (Mid-America Region)

Academic Day is a one day event hosted at Bible Center School in Charleston, West Virginia. Students can participate in the Art Festival, Math Olympics by Mail, Music Festival (including Praise and Worship Team), Science Fair, Social Studies Fair and Elementary, Junior and Senior High Speech Meets. West Virginia schools may also register separately for the Creative Writing Festival which is not included in Academic Day.

Coordinator Resources

  • Host Info Sheet
  • Student Participation, Summary and Volunteer Forms
  • Art Festival Coordinator Materials
  • Math Olympics by Mail Coordinator Materials
  • Music Festival Director Coordinator Handbook
  • Science Fair Coordinator Handbook,  Media Photo Release Form
  • Social Studies Fair Coordinator Handbook
  • Elementary Speech Meet Coordinator Materials
  • Jr High Speech Meet Coordinator Handbook, Sample Materials and Judges Packet
  • Sr High Speech Meet Coordinator Handbook
  • Pay Student Participation Fees Online—Use the online Participation Fee Payment Form

Chairperson and Host Resources

  • Art Festival Chairperson Materials
  • Math Olympics by Mail Chairperson Materials
  • Music Festival Chairperson Handbook
  • Science Fair Chairperson Handbook
  • Social Studies Fair Chairperson Handbook
  • Elementary Speech Meet Chairperson Materials
  • Jr High Speech Meet Chairperson Handbook
  • Sr High Speech Meet Chairperson Handbook
  • Finance Report

The Mid-America Student Activities team serves schools in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Contact a Mid-America Student Activities Representative.