Student Activities FAQs (Mid-America Region)

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ACSI Student Activities Mission Statement

ACSI Student Activities enhance learning beyond the classroom by equipping Christian schools and educators while challenging students toward God-honoring applications of their fine art and academic abilities.


The ACSI Student Activities Program seeks to encourage and inspire students toward a standard of excellence in leadership, communication, and performance by enhancing member Christian schools' academic and fine arts programs. It provides opportunity for students to practically apply and develop skills necessary for confident Christian leadership. Each activity is planned to impact students' educational and spiritual growth, encouraging them to be a testimony to the gospel. Events also seek to provide opportunity for Christian fellowship and positive interaction between students and teachers of participating schools.

Schools begin their participation at the school level, which impacts the highest number of students. As students progress to the district, regional, and national levels, they are challenged by interaction with students of similar interests and abilities. Parents, friends, and the general public benefit from the ministry of these students in music, speech, and academic programs. The awards program for ACSI Student Activities affirms each participant's individual effort while recognizing those whose skill and ability provide an inspiration and a challenge to excellence for all who participate.

Who can participate in ACSI Student Activities?

The Student Activities Program is a member benefit of ACSI. If your school is not yet an ACSI member, read more about the benefits of ACSI membership and learn how your school can join ACSI.

How do I register for Student Activities?

Complete the online registration form then mail a hardcopy of your confirmation email and a school check for school registration fees to: ACSI Mid-America Student Activities, 2001 W Plano Parkway, Ste 3600, Plano, TX  75075.

When do I register for Student Activities?

Registration opens mid-August and ends October 31st for the early registration fee. The late registration fee is offered from November 1-15. During this time, schools register for all the events they wish to participate in for that school year. Registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis so it's best to register early before the event you want to attend is full.

What is the difference between a chairperson and a coordinator?

A chairperson oversees an event such as a Spelling Bee. The chairperson sets the time and schedule for the event; communicates details to school coordinators; develops a team to successfully run the event; and, communicates financial and other information with the ACSI regional Student Activities team. A coordinator manages all aspects of preparing the students from their school to participate in an event. The coordinator registers to participate; sends event forms to the chairperson and ACSI regional Student Activities team; and, prepares their students to participate.

May I attend an event outside my district?

Yes, you may attend any ACSI event. Our Central Division events will probably be closest either in the Mid-America Region or the South-Central Region. Schools in West Virginia may attend events in the Northeast Region. Please find events that are convenient for your school.

What are the benefits of becoming a chairperson or event host?

When you sign a Three Year Commitment form, your school registration fee is waived for all the events you register for. Whether you make a three year commitment or not, you would also get to register for all events early.

How is the date for an event determined?

In most cases, the host school decides when to host their event. Some hosts prefer a weekday, others, a Saturday, depending on their school calendar and personal preference.

What happens if we forget to register by deadline?

If this happens to you, contact a MA Student Activities Representative. Although we cannot guarantee that your school will be able to participate, we can check with the chairperson to see if it's feasable to add another school. Late registration fees will apply.

The Mid-America Student Activities team serves schools in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Contact a Mid-America Student Activities Representative.