Math Olympics—Not by Mail (Mid-America Region)

The ACSI Mid-America Math Olympics is hosted by Heartland Christian School, Columbiana, Ohio and is designed to stimulate an interest in mathematics and to recognize the achievements of students. The actual testing procedures, a series of four timed tests, for Math Olympics by Mail (mail-in activity) and Math Olympics are the same. The difference is with Math Olympics, students go to a host school where they test, tabulate and distribute awards. To learn more, see " Math Olympics" in the Mid-America Participation Guide.

Host Partnership Agreement

ACSI is bringing this year's Math Olympics to ACSI member schools through a Host Partnership Agreement with a faithful host site, Heartland Christian School. The Math Olympics will have the same feel, with handbooks developed by ACSI and registration at ACSI's website. But beyond that, all communication, planning, and event materials (including handbooks and participation forms), will be distributed to registered schools through the host. For complete information, please visit the Heartland Christian School Math Olympics website.

The Mid-America Student Activities team serves schools in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, West Virginia and Wisconsin. Contact a Mid-America Student Activities Representative.