Letter From the Children's Tuition Fund Coordinator

Dear School Leader;

Since 2001, the ACSI Children's Tuition Fund of Pennsylvania (CTF of PA) has been instrumentally used by ACSI PA member schools to assist families to afford a Christian school education. The CTF of PA is an approved EITC and OSTC scholarship organization that is eligible to receive tax credit contributions on behalf of the businesses and schools it serves.

Member schools that are interested to join the CTF of PA program must comply with the following criteria:

  • ACSI member school (current on membership dues and fees)
  • Engaged in a formal school improvement program
  • Compliant with the ACSI CTF guidelines
  • Complete and submit the CTF registration forms

In a time where economic challenges are a major obstacle for families to afford a Christ-centered education, it is strongly encouraged that schools consider the unique opportunity of tuition assistance. Please carefully review the pages that follow for complete registration information and guidelines.

Two unique aspects of the CTF program are the assistance provided to school leaders through information and strategy sessions. On behalf of the school, the CTF of PA assumes the primary role in assisting businesses to understand the program and assist with the application process. 

To schedule an information session, or for any questions related to the above or the guidelines that follow, please contact the CTF Program Administrator at 717.285.3022 or by email at CTF_NE@acsi.org

Thank you for taking the opportunity to consider the CTF program as a scholarship provider for the families you serve.

Trusting in His Faithfulness,

David Hegedus, EdD

ACSI CTF Program Coordinator

Letter to School Leaders