The Children's Tuition Fund of Rhode Island


The Rhode Island Scholarship Tax Credit allows businesses to assist lower-income families afford private school education for children in return for a substantial tax credit.  


Eligible businesses can choose to make a 1-year or 2-year commitment to the scholarship tax credit program. A 1-year commitment results in a 75% tax credit while a 2-year commitment results in a 90% tax credit with a maximum credit of $100,000. Therefore, a business can contribute up to $111,111 per year. Donors can also claim the contribution as an itemized deduction on federal returns, although the state deduction will be reduced, since the donor is paying less tax. Taxpayers subject to the Alternative Minimum Tax realize even greater benefits than those outlined below.  The scholarship tax credit program has a total tax credit cap of $1.5 million dollars, meaning once the program has reached $1.5 million in approved tax credits from eligible businesses, no further tax credit applications will be accepted until the start of the next fiscal year. If the cap has not been used for the calendar year, then a business can apply at the beginning of the business's fiscal year. Businesses can choose to make a two-year contribution commitment which will maximize the amount of tax credit they can receive (example scenarios below).

Business Application Timeline

  • Businesses must apply for qualified tax credits-up to $100,000 annually through the Rhode Island Division of Taxation. Within 30 days of the application submittal due date (July 1), approval or denial will be granted from the Division of Taxation. Approved businesses have 120 days to make the contribution to their selected SGO(s).
  • The program is limited to $1.5 million in approved tax credits annually. Once the annual cap is reached no more tax credits will be approved until the following year.

How Does a Contribution Become a Scholarship?

Scholarship tax credit contributions are distributed to certified Scholarship Granting  Organizations, (SGOs) such as CTF of Rhode Island.

For more information email the Program Administrator of the ACSI Children's Tuition Fund  or call 717.285.3022