K-12 School Participation Registration 2015-2016

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Dear Administrator,

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) has established a scholarship program in an attempt to help remove financial barriers that face many families in accessing Christian schooling. The Children's Tuition Fund of Rhode Island (CTF of RI) provides economic assistance in the form of scholarships to allow children of qualifying families to attend ACSI member schools.  Primarily based on business tax credits through the state of Rhode Island, this scholarship program supports scholarships for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.

The CTF of RI scholarship fund is limited to families that earn no more than 250% of the federal poverty level, therefore affording them the opportunity to attend ACSI member schools.  Schools may select their own means of qualifying families; however, there are family application procedures and forms available for use by contacting the CTF Program Administrator at CTF_NE@acsi.org.

With an application process that is designed to operate as simply as possible, you may make duplicate copies for families as needed.  However, there are a few requirements that must be observed in order for schools to be eligible participants.

A participating school must meet the following guidelines:

  • be an ACSI member school,
  • be current on membership dues and fees,
  • be engaged in a formal school improvement program,
  • be compliant with the CTF of RI Guidelines, and
  • complete and email the school registration forms to the CTF Program Administrator at CTF_NE@acsi.org.

If you should have any questions or concerns regarding this program, please feel free to contact the Program Administrator, Children's Tuition Fund, ACSI Northeast Region, at 717.285.3022 or e-mail CTF_NE@acsi.org.

May the Lord bless your efforts in assisting families with this school choice option.

Trusting in God's faithfulness!

David Hegedus

ACSI CTF Program Coordinator


Guidelines for K-12

School Registration

  1. The school must be an active member in good standing with the Association of Christian Schools International.  At the date of application, both membership dues and all outstanding debts must be paid or adequate arrangements must be in place.  
  2. The school must yearly complete and submit the CTF of RI School Registration forms and be in compliance with those forms.  These forms describe your school and provide contact information that will be used to update our database. The packet may be obtained by accessing ConNEXUS, Children's Tuition Fund group, CTF of RI sub-group  
  3. The completed school registration forms must be submitted to the ACSI Northeast Region office for formal evaluation and participation determination.  Please email forms to the CTF Program Administrator  at   CTF_NE@acsi.org.  
  4. Upon acceptance, your school will receive an email acknowledgment of your participation.    

Transmittal of Scholarships  

Scholarship monies will be transmitted to your school upon submission of the School Report form.  A copy of the school report will accompany the payment. Schools must report to the CTF of RI any changes, errors, or situations when a family no longer meets the financial guidelines for participation in this program.  Failure to report errors, changes, or applicable information about family financial status may result in a school's withdrawal from the program and loss of the CTF of RI scholarship for the student.  

If a scholarship award recipient leaves your program, an Exit Confirmation Form must be completed and submitted to the CTF of RI.  Noncompliance with this requirement could result in the withdrawal of a school from the program.  This form is included on-line, and you may duplicate it as needed.  

Transfer Students 

A CTF of RI recipient may attend any Rhode Island ACSI member school that has completed the CTF of RI school registration packet and has officially received eligibility status.  Families who want to transfer their children to another eligible ACSI member school must first determine whether or not the scholarship funds will follow the student to the new school. They can find out by contacting the CTF Program Administrator at the ACSI Northeast Region office by phone at 717.285.3022 or by e-mail at   CTF_NE@acsi.org.

K-12 School Participation Registration