Lancaster, PA Presenter Handouts

(If you do not see handouts below for a session you are interested in attending, handouts will either be given out during the session or there will not be a handout.)

Dr. Dan Egeler

Keynote: Building a Biblical Worldview For Your Students
Discipline or Discipleship
Mentoring: The Barnabas Touch

Jay McTighe

Keynote: Big Ideas of Understanding By Design
Articles for additional reading:

Teaching for Understanding: A meaningful education for 21st century learners

Improve Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction Using the Understanding by Design Framework

Breakout Sessions:

Assessing Understanding

Essential Questions

Teaching for Understanding

UbD for ACSI

Nadia Alm

Teaching Truth in the 21st Century Classroom: The Truth-Centered Teacher

Teaching Truth in the 21st Century Classroom: The Truth-Centered Lesson

Teaching Truth in the 21st Century Classroom: The Truth-Centered Classroom

Lisa Chubbic
Cross-Curricular Academic Vocabulary
Data Analysis Activity
Fish Blank GO
Grade 5 Classroom Connections Activity Pages
Grade 5 Math Competencies

Dr. Penny Clawson

Worldview, Mission and Competency: A Triad Model for the Christian Educator (Parts 1–4)

Sara Jo Dillard
An Early Educator's Call to Serve
Developing Beginnings of a Strong Spiritual Foundation in Young Children
Creating Strong Relationships with Children and Families
Developing Curiosity and Creativity in the EE Classroom

Ryan Dixon

Biblical Worldview and the Teacher-Student Relationship
Biblical Worldview and the Subject
Biblical Worldview and Instructional Design

Dr. William Himmele

Total Participation Techniques

Dr. Roger Mackey
Quotable Quotations from Using the Seven Laws of Teaching to Change Lives
Needed: Teacher-Leaders for 21st Century Classrooms

Joe Neff
A Primer for Thinking About Biblical Worldview
Building Biblical Worldview the Three Loves 
Lesson Planning for Biblical Worldview 4 Approaches

Dr. Sandy Outlar
Bullying vs Befriending
Staff Ailments that Affect Mission and Vision
Teaching That is Passionate, Professional and Persuasive

Kevin Skaer

How to Change the Culture of Your School

Mary Urich

DI Bridge
DI Concept Map
DI Graphic Organizer
Differentiation—A Recipe For Successful Instructions

Dr. Sheryl Vasso
Determine Acceptable Evidence
Performance Assessments