Lexington, MA Presenter Handouts

(If you do not see handouts below for a session you are interested in attending, handouts will either be given out during the session or there will not be a handout.)

Dr. Bruce Lockerbie
Keynote: Intentional Biblical Worldview: Keeping our Website Promises
No More Excuses: Intentional Biblical Worldview Instruction—or Else!
The State of Christian Schooling Today

Jay McTighe
Keynote: Big Ideas of Understanding By Design

Breakout Sessions
Essential Questions

Jeremy Alexander
Pre-conference Handout: Building School Culture
How Leaders Influence the Culture of Schools

Cyndi Bailey
Home-School Collaboration for Challenging Behavior
Home-School Collaboration—Parent Letter
How to Grow a Child's Love for God

Joey Beeson
Biblical Worldview Considerations and Integration with Secondary History Students
Developing Performance Tasks: Assessing Understanding Within the UbD Framework that Engages Learners 7–12
Flipped Model of Delivery: Using Formative Assessment as a Teaching Tool

Carrie Butler
Backwards is Better: UbD and Curriculum Mapping

Dr. Penny Clawson
Biblical Integration for Grades 3–5
Math Disabilities in the Classroom
Questioning Techniques That Teach K–6
Triad Model

Dr. James Drexler
How Firm is Your Foundation?
Nurturing the Educators in Your School
Student-Centered Instruction

Paul Edwards
Skills That Support Sustainable Success
Skills That Support Sustainable Success—one-day conference handout

Dr. Rober Erdvig and Dr. Lynn Swaner
Pedagogy for Biblical Worldview Development

David Jackson
Questions that Cultivate Christian Minds: Employing Essential Questions in the Christian School Curriculum

Lori Johnson
Collaborative Creations: The Multi-Genre Portfolio
Multi-Genre Portfolio Assignment

Dr. Connie Lawrence
Helping Students Move Beyond a Fixed Mindset Using UbD Curriculum

Emily Meloon
Response to Intervention in the Elementary Classroom
     Critical Components Checklist
     Data Analysis for Instructional Decision Making: Team Process
     Response to Intervention: Team Structures

Donna Robinson and Julie Lenocker
CoRT Thinking Overview
Integrating Thinking Into the Curriculum
Oxford Debate Overview
Paideia Seminar Overview

Dr. Kim Winsor
Brain Based Learning or School Culture
     Brain Anatomy
     Brain Terms
     How the Brain Learns
     Neuroscience and Classroom
     Video Game Model