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Accreditation by a well-recognized agency is a seal of quality on an educational organization. For ACSI schools, accreditati0n validates their quality and verifies they are striving for excellence based on a solid Christian philosophy of education foundation.  ACSI accreditation is managed through each ACSI regional office. Whether your school is a standalone preschool or a combined school including early education to high school, the ACSI REACH  tool will help you begin. If you are interested in joint accreditation with NEASC or MSA please notify the ACSI regional office upon application. 

 Another protocol option for reaccrediting schools is Accreditation by School Progress. This protocol uses action research to engage the entire school community in continuous improvement. The centerpiece of ASP is a collaborative, school-wide project that blends educational practice with research to impact student outcomes. 

Why choose ACSI accreditation for your school or early education program?

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Join the NE Region Accreditation team along with other ACSI accredited and candidate schools as we gather for the following online webinar trainings. All trainings will begin with a time of teaching followed by Q & A. The best part is—it's all offered to you at no additional cost

For more webinar options, visit the ACSI Professional Development Webinars website.

Live Events - coming in January 2021

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