Accreditation by School Progress (ASP)

ASP News-Improve on a Good Thing!

ASP Documents

A school that seeks reaccreditation through ASP must demonstrate that it meets the following six conditions of eligibility:

  • Success in maintaining REACH standards and progress on major recommendations during the previous term of accreditation
  • Shared focus on continuous school improvement by all school constituencies
  • Stability as a viable school (in terms of school culture, leadership, mission and vision, and finances)
  • Student outcomes that are schoolwide, well-defined, integrated in instructional and co-curricular programs, and regularly assessed
  • Systems that can support a project of significant breadth, depth, and rigor as required by ASP (e.g., collaborative teams and project management)
  • Support for educational research, as evidenced by staff experience and competency, as well as a historical pattern of improving the learning environment as a result of regular assessment

If your school is interested in pursuing ASP please contact the regional office at 717.285.3022 or