Northeast Student Activities—Elementary Speech Meets

Participating in a Speech Meet helps elementary students develop effective public speaking skills in an audience situation. Students do not compete against one another; they are judged against established criteria.

Participating students:

  • Develop techniques to speak audibly, articulately, expressively, and with poise and confidence.
  • Develop communication skills that contribute to effective leadership.
  • Demonstrate ability by verbally presenting a memorized poem, speech, or passage to the audience.
March 13, 2020 Eastern PA/DE Allentown, PA 1-6
March 19, 2020 CT/WMA North Stonington, CT 1-5
March 20, 2020 Western PA Hollsopple, PA 1-6

School Registration 

  • Please complete the Spring Events Registration Form with the $60 school registration fee by October 31, 2019.
  • The student participation fees of $10.00 per entry will be due two weeks prior to the event.
Category of Presentation Grades Source of Materials
Poetry 1-6 ACSI Poetry Sampler or appropriate material using ACSI guildelines.
Bible Memorization 1-6 ACSI Bible Memorization Sampler or other Bible passages.
Fable/Folklore 2-4 ACSI Fable/Forklore Sampler or appropriate material using ACSI guidelines.
Patriotic Oration 5-6 ACSI Patriotic Oration Sampler or appropriate material using ACSI guidelines.
Dramatic Bible Prose 5-6 ACSI Dramatic Bible Prose Sampler or other Bible passages.
Original Speech 5-6 Student-generated speech using ACSI guidelines.

2019/2020 Coordinator Resources

Once registration has closed, the coordinator listed on your registration form will receive preparation details, including the passwords for the resources.

Elementary Speech Meet Coordinator Handbook Student Fee Form 
Student Participation Form—Plan A Judges Recommendation Form 
Student Participation Form—Plan B Elementary Speech Meet Judges’ Handbook

Student Samplers

Student samplers for the speech meet are listed below. The readings referenced in these samplers are not required readings, but examples of acceptable material. Please contact your school Speech Meet Coordinator for the passwords.

Elementary Speech Meet—1st–6th Grade Poetry Sampler Elementary Speech Meet—Dramatic Bible Prose Sampler
Elementary Speech Meet—Bible Memorization Sampler Elementary Speech Meet—Fables and Folklore Sampler
Elementary Speech Meet—Patriotic Oration Sampler

Chairperson Resources

Chairperson Resources are available for those hosting an Elementary Speech Meet.