NE Student Activities—Chairperson Resources

The chairperson organizes and coordinates district student activities events at a host school. The resources below will help chairpersons plan for judges, prepare a program, create a schedule, organize the awards, and communicate with the coordinators from each school attending the district-level event.

Event Reporting Resources

2018/2019 NE Chairperson Event Report Form

Please submit this report, receipts, and expenses to the ACSI Northeast Regional Office within two weeks of your event.

W9 Form

Please complete a fillable W9 form and return it to the Northeast Regional Office. (Only necessary if you have not previously completed this form.)

2018/2019 Event-Specific Resources 

Art Festival
Art Festival Chairperson Handbook Art Festival Coordinator Resources
Chess Tournament
Chess Tournament Handbook
Creative Writing Festival
Creative Writing Festival Chairperson Handbook Creative Writing Festival Coordinator Resources
Instrumental Festival (Western PA)
Instrumental Festival Chairperson Handbook Instrumental Festival Coordinator Resources
Math Olympics

Math Olympics Chairperson Handbook

Math Olympics Tabulation Sheet

Math Olympics Coordinator Resources
Elementary Speech Meet

Elementary Speech Meet Chairperson Handbook

Elementary Speech Meet Judges’ Handbook

Elementary Speech Meet Tabulation Sheet (for Chairperson use only)

Elementary Speech Meet Coordinator Resources
Secondary Speech Meet

Jr. High Speech Meet Chairperson Handbook
Jr. High Speech Meet Tabulation Sheet (for Chairperson use only)

Sr. High Speech Meet Chairperson Handbook
Sr. High Speech Meet Tabulation Sheets—Lower Division (Gr. 9–10)
Sr. High Speech Meet Tabulation Sheets—Upper Division (Gr. 11–12)

Secondary Speech Meet Coordinator Resources
Spelling Bee

Spelling Bee Chairperson Handbook

Spelling Bee Winners Report

Spelling Bee Coordinator Resources

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