Northeast Student Activities—Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between a Chairperson and a Coordinator?
A Chairperson oversees a district event such as a Spelling Bee. A Coordinator manages event participation from his or her school.

What does a Chairperson do?
The Chairperson sets the time and schedule for an event, communicates event changes and details to school Coordinators, leads a specific event, and interacts with the regional Student Activities office. ACSI provides an event handbook with instructions for the Chairperson.

What does a Coordinator do?
The Coordinator registers a school for an event, sends event forms to the chairperson and the regional Student Activities office, and recruits students and adult helpers to attend an event. ACSI provides an event handbook with instructions for the Coordinator.

May I attend an event outside my district?
Yes, you may attend any ACSI event that fits your schedule and is convenient to your location.

What are the benefits of Chairing or Hosting an event?
When you serve as Chairperson or Host for an event, your school registration fee is waived for that event. Student participation fees are not waived.

How does ACSI determine dates for events?
Although some events must be completed during specific time periods, a host site may choose a date that works well for their facility as long as it does not conflict with other events in their area. We also avoid scheduling any events during times that schools are typically closed, such as the weeks before and after Easter.

I have a suggestion or a comment. Where do I send it?
Please call 717.285.3022 option 2, fax 717.285.2128, or click here to e-mail your comment. We appreciate hearing from you!

Why are there different registration deadlines?
Events that are scheduled early in the school year (Spelling Bees, Middle & High School Leadership Conferences) have an earlier deadline so that Coordinators and Chairpersons can complete the necessary preparation required for participating in or hosting an event.

What happens if we neglected to register for an event by the registration deadline?
Please contact the Northeast Regional office at 717.285.3022, extension 2, or e-mail us. Although we cannot guarantee that your school will be able to participate, we can check with the Chairperson to see if there is sufficient room and time to complete the preparation. Late registration fees will apply.