Pittsburgh, PA Presenter Handouts

Flipped Workshop Assignments: 

Tentative Program Schedule

Craig Carnahan
"Flipping" Over Math and Science (video)

Dr. Penny Clawson
Part 1 and Part 2: Engaged, Energized and Examining Students

Paul Coughlin
Bullying: Every School's Problem, Every Christian School's Opportunity

Questions and thoughts to ponder:

  1. What does a Christian school need to do in order to foster the incredible Power of Two?
  2. How would such power make life better not just for bullied students but others?
  3. Does every student need to take the Power of Two challenge in order to change school culture?

Laura Courtney

Content Area Literacy Strategies (video)

Content Area Literacy Strategies (article)

Ruth McCarrier
When Reading Hurts (video)

Aaron Sams
Flip This, Flip That: Taking Your Flipped Classroom to the Next Level (video)

Dr. Patricia Scheffler
Oh the Places you’ll go! Promoting emergent literacy with picture books

Megan Tolfa (It is recommended that participants bring a copy of a section or multiple sections of their curriculum where they would like to try implementing projects in their classroom.)

Project Based Learning

TedTalk Video

Speaker Handouts: 

(If you do not see handouts below for a session you are interested in attending, handouts will either be given out during the session or there will not be a handout.)

Sharon Antoline
Curriculum Considerations for the Early Education Classroom

Lisa Chubbic
Cross-Curricular Academic Vocabulary
Data Analysis Activity
Fish Blank GO
Grade 5 Classroom Connections Activity Pages
Grade 5 Math Competencies
Session 1 - Understanding Assessment Data to Set Academic Goals
Session 2 - Understanding Assessment to Improve Student Achievement-Teachers

Dr. Penny Clawson
Engaged, Examining and Energized Students: Parts One & Two

Dr. Mark Eckel
Keynote: If We Forget Who We Are, It Won't Matter What We Do

Sari Harris
Assessment in the Here and Now
Biblical Worldview Integration

Dr. Kathy Keafer
Backward Design and Essential Questions for Specials Teachers

Ruth McCarrier
ADHD and Dyslexia IDA Fact Sheet
Dyslexia and the Brain IDA Fact Sheet
Dyslexia Basics IDA Fact Sheet
Dyslexia–Stress–Anxiety Connection IDA Fact Sheet
Effective Instruction Hal Version
Evaluating Professionals IDA Fact Sheet
Gifted and Dyslexic IDA Fact Sheet

Jay McTighe

Keynote: Big Ideas of Understanding By Design

Articles for additional reading:

Teaching for Understanding: A meaningful education for 21st century learners

Improve Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction Using the Understanding by Design Framework

Celeste Sprankle
Writing Across the Curriculum: Tactics and Tips

Dr. Kevin Washburn

The Big Idea: Teaching and Applying Critical Thinking

Closing Session: What Now?