Northwest Accreditation Documents

Accredited Schools

ACSI schools that have completed their candidacy visit and hosted a full self-study visit are fully accredited. During the six years of accreditation status, schools are required to complete the following assignments:

  1. Complete Annual Reports and submit them to the Western Division Office in Brea, CA.
  2. Progress each year on addressing the major recommendations left by the most recent accreditation visiting team.
  3. If recommended by the ACSI Regional Commission, host a mid-cycle visit of one day by an ACSI representative to evaluate progress on the major recommendations.
  4. Provide ACSI with one or two members of the administration or faculty that can serve on accreditation teams to other schools.

Accreditation Training & Resources

ACSI provides face-to-face training every fall in various cities in California and Hawaii. This training allows schools to stay current in understanding accreditation expectations. Locations of training are available by contacting

In addition, online training is available in December for those who are unable to attend the face-to-face training during the fall months.

Accreditation Documents

ACSI offers an accreditation protocol, REACH 2019 Edition, for all accreditation information. There are eight standards that are defined through 84 indicators that schools are expected to address.  Accreditation is an ongoing process of school improvement that includes input from all stakeholders, supported by accreditation visits every few years that provides guidance by experienced Christian educators.

To access all related REACH 2019 documents, please use this following link:

Accreditation Contacts

If you have any questions about accreditation or are interested in serving on an accreditation team, please contact the Brea             

Northwest schools can contact the ACSI Western Division office in Brea California.