Northwest Student Activities

Welcome to ACSI Northwest Student Activities!  
The handbooks, resources, registration form, and quick links are being added daily.  

Mission Statement:
ACSI Student Activities enhance learning beyond the classroom by equipping Christian schools and educators while challenging students toward God- honoring applications of their fine art and academic abilities.

Getting Started:  
Schools begin in the fall by browsing the Student Activities Participation Guide and considering the various events. Using the registration form, schools register from August through November. After registering, schools are given access to event handbooks filled with resources and documents to help coordinate each specific activity. For more information, please contact the NW Student Activities Coordinator.

NW Student Leadership Conferences

NW Fine Arts Events:

 NW Academic Events:

The Student Activities Program is a member benefit of ACSI. If you are not yet an ACSI member, please contact ACSI Member Services.