Accredited Schools: Annual Report Documents

RM Accreditation

Annual Reports:

ACSI accreditation policy requires every ACSI accredited Christian school and preschool to complete annual accreditation reports. The Rocky Mountain deadline for reports is October 31st. Annual accreditation fees are being moved to after the first of the year. Have Questions? Contact the regional office.

Certification Information:

ACSI certified staff can check their current status and examine records on hand. Log-in is required.

Annual Report Forms:

Reports are required each year by ALL accredited schools. During a renewal year, only the Annual Report Form is required along with the Excel Certification Chart  (or EE Staffing Program Staffing Chart for preschools).

K-12 or EE-12 Schools:

  1. Annual Report Form
  2. Annual Statement of Financial Practices
  3. Continuous School Improvemen Plan You can also submit a word doc. The report must show the progress made each year for each Major Recommendation (or Required Action for ASSIST reports)
  4. K-12 Certification Report, Excel chart (NEW)
    1. EE Program Staffing Report (Only if your EE program is accredited)
    2. REACH 2.1 Schools:  Staff Yearly Profile

Additional Certification Forms (may not apply to all): 

  1. Request for Faculty Waiver
  2. Permanent Faculty Waiver, Professional Growth Plan (send with request)
  3. Temporary Faculty Waiver Plan Progress Report (send with request & update progress for annual report)

Early Education Programs (standalone preschools):

  1. Annual Report Form (Summary Report)
  2. Annual Statement of Financial Practices
  3. Continuous School Improvement Form
  4. EE Staffing Form
  5. EE Yearly Profile

Additional Early Ed Resources:

  1. Request for EE Staff Waiver
  2. Temporary Waiver Action Plan
  3. Yearly Professional Development Report
  4. Reference Guide for EE Documents

Midterm Reports:

Please check your terms report for the date your midtterm is due. This report includes a full response to all recommendations on the final report (all standards). Annual reports listed above are also due.

Need Help?

Not sure which form is needed?  Contact the Rocky Mountain Regional Office by email or phone (520.514.2897).