New To Accreditation (Rocky Mountain Region)

Accreditation Options

REACH 2.1REACH 2.1 has eight standards with related indicators and a rubric for each indicator. These guide the school through the self-study process.

Dual Accreditation with AdvancEDThis option is available through ACSI using the REACH 2.1 ePlatform. For more information, contact the regional office.

Initial Accreditation Process

ACSI MembershipAll ACSI accredited programs must be ACSI members. Check out the many benefits enjoyed by member schools. EE-12 Membership Application. EE Membership Application.

Accreditation ApplicationOnce your school is an ACSI Member School, a great place to start would be to familiarize yourself with ACSI's accreditation standards. The Standards and Indicators Checklist is used to complete a self-evaluation of your school. When the file is completed, email a copy to the regional office and ask about a conversation with the regional director to discuss the school's readiness. Then when you're ready to apply, fill out and mail the entire completed Initial Accreditation Application, along with the supporting documents listed on the first page of the application to: ACSI Rocky Mountain Accreditation, 1607 N Wilmot Road, Ste. 104D, Tucson, AZ 85712. If you're comfortable emailing the document, that works as well.

Candidacy PeriodThe accreditation process takes approximately 3 years to complete as well as dedication from many people—but when it is completed, it is well worth it! After the regional office receives and reviews your application, an ACSI representative will contact the head of school to schedule a Pre-Candidacy Visit. The purpose of this visit is to review the Standards and Indicators Checklist and determine if your schools is prepared to enter into the Candidacy stage of accreditation. Once you are officially in candidacy, a consultant will be assigned to aid you as you walk through the completion of your self-study and prepare for the Team Visit. During your candidacy you will be required to fill out an ACSI Candidacy Annual Report. This document will be emailed to you each spring by the regional office. ACSI annual fees are not required of Candidate schools.

To understand the complete process from the initial interest to accreditation, see the REACH 2.1 Standards Manual, pages 1-3.

The Rocky Mountain Accreditation team serves schools in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming. Contact a Rocky Mountain Accreditation Representative.