RM Student Activities—Coordinator Resources

Each school participating in a student activity designates a school representative to serve as their Coordinator for the event. This person communicates with the administrator and staff at their own school as well as the ACSI regional office to prepare for the event. They will also communicate with the Event Chairperson (this is the person organizing the district event at the host school). Once the member school has registered for each event, passwords to open the files/forms listed below will be emailed to each Coordinator. Need to register? Contact the Student Activities Coordinator at the Rocky Mountain office.

Coordinator Resources

EventHandbookFiles/FormsAddl Resources
Art Festival Coord Handbook Forms
Creative Writing Coord Handbook Forms
Geography Bee Coord Handbook Forms Practice Test Resources
School Challenge Resources
Math By Mail Coord Handbook School Part Registration Student Scoring Master
Math Olympics Coord Handbook Forms
ES Speech Meet (1-6) ES Coord Handbook Forms Bible Memorization,
Fables and Folklore, Dramatic Bible Prose, Patriotic Oration 
Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6
JH Speech Meet (6-8) JH Coord Handbook Forms JH Sampler, JH Judges Packet
HS Speech Meet HS Coord Handbook Forms
Patriotic Speech Meet
(Northwest C.S.)
Coordinator Handbook Part. Forms / Judge Eval Forms

Patriotic Speech Selections

Spelling Bee Coord Handbook Forms  Student Word List

Student Participation Fee Form:

Student participation forms for each event are completed and sent to the Event Chairperson. The student participation fees are paid directly to the ACSI RM regional office approximately 2-4 weeks prior to each event. Please use the online form to submit payment.

Chairperson Resources: 

These files are used by the person organizing (or hosting) the district or regional. They have a unique password that will be emailed out by the Rocky Mountain Regional Office.