Rocky Mountain Snapshot

Rocky Mountain, janaury 2018


CONFLICT! It is an unavoidable part of leadership, and how one approaches it and finds processes to resolve it test our character and reveal it. While there will always be unhappy parents and unhappy students, when relational conflict erupts with a Christian school staff, the stakes become higher as leaders seek to repair the climate and restore a culture of unity. What is more challenging than a school team that is beginning to fracture from internal relational conflicts? Patrick Lencioni said of conflict,

"When team members trust each other and know that everyone is capable of admitting when they're wrong, then conflict becomes nothing more than the pursuit of truth or the best possible answer."  

Building trust throughout your school's community and creating a place where people are willing and able to admit when they are wrong: it sounds so easy, but we know it is a constant challenge. That is why we are bringing Ken Sande of Relational Wisdom 360 to our February Leaders Conference in Prescott, Arizona.  

Ken is the author of The Peace Maker and Resolving Everyday Conflict along with the RW360 course, a "relational operating system." He brings decades of experience working with organizations worldwide and has served as a conflict resolution mentor for scores of schools and organizations. Ken will be joining us in Prescott to guide school leaders, board members, and early ed directors into the tools to resolve conflict and cultivate organizational peace. This time together will be insightful, practical, and engaging as we learn and practice those skills with likeminded peers and through scenarios that will reflect each of those unique strands of leadership. This may be a critical tool you need to enhance or develop. Plan on attending.   

Time-sensitive items of interest

  • January 9–10: your regional representative meets at the ACSI Regional Council meeting. Let them know your input for that meeting.
  •  January 19: CO CAPE meeting at Ave Maria Catholic School, Parker. Private schools from 9-11am / CAPS (Colorado Assoc of Private Schools) members from 11-12.
  • January 28–31: National HS Student Leadership Conference-West Coast-Southern California. Get more info and register.
  • February 11–13: Spring 2018 Regional Administrator/Board/EE Director Leaders Conference in Prescott, AZ.  Keynote Ken Sande from Relational Wisdom presenting with unique application strands. Registration is open.

A past mentor of mine would consistently remind me that it is not necessarily how you begin something (though that is important) as much as how you finish. As we head into the second semester of the 2017–18 school year, let us each set our focus on running the race well and finishing strong. Consider Paul's works in 2 Timothy 4:7: "...I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith."

We are Stronger Together,

Jerome "Jerry" Bowen
Regional Director