Rocky Mountain Snapshot

Rocky Mountain, november 2017


PD Forums Unfold around the Nation. The regional office staff is hard at work following up on the Denver PD Forum, prepping for the Phoenix PD Forum, and providing everything you need to continue the professional development experience throughout this school year. We are working hard to serve your school, staff, and professional development needs. If we have missed something, do let us know. We are constantly considering how to more effectively meet your needs in this important arena.

  Future Thinking Questions. As a Christian school educator, do you find yourself asking tough questions like:

  • What must Christian schools and do to ensure their sustainability in challenging economic and cultural times?
  • How can Christian schools prepare students to engage a rapidly changing, post-Christian culture?
  • How can Christian schools respond to increasing legal and legislative challenges to religious freedom?

If so, you're not alone. In fact, you can join the conversation that started at the Global Christian School Leadership Summit last February, where over 700 participants from K–12 schools, colleges and universities, early education programs, and non-profits engaged collaboratively to envision the future of Christian education. A new book titled PIVOT: New Directions for Christian Education captures the dialogue at the summit, with chapters devoted to each of the questions above and more. You'll find PIVOT to be an effective professional development resource—one that will set the stage for dialogue for years to come. If you missed getting a copy at a recent PD Forum, you can still order your own from Purposeful Design Publications.   

Time-sensitive Items of Interest

  • If you missed it, delay no longer. Nominations for the 2017-18 Distinguished Christian High School Students (DCHSS) award are open now through December 15, 2017. This fantastic award is not to be missed. Nominate someone today.
  • PD Forum evaluations will be coming your way (assuming you attended, of course). Be on the lookout, complete them, and help us continue to improve this service to your school.
  • Annual accreditation reports are due in the regional office. If you are an accredited school and have let that fall through the cracks, get all your questions answered and find the correct reporting forms on the ACSI website.

Take heart, there is a holiday of thanksgiving and appreciation just around the corner. Let us press hard toward this time of refreshing and joy in Christ.

We are Stronger Together,

Jerome "Jerry" Bowen
Regional Director