Rocky Mountain Snapshot

Rocky Mountain, May 2018


Isn't perspective wonderful? With the end of the school year appearing on the horizon and the end of the year events and processes coming up to speed, I know you are both encouraged by the approaching conclusion point and deeply focused on next year. I suspect you have been closely monitoring your re-enrollment data, running and updating next year's budget, and pondering emerging staffing changes.

Our prayer for each of you is that you will finish strong, serving Christ well up to the end of the year, and establish a clear vision for next year. As a side note, for those programs who have completed their accreditation site visit or renewal visit this spring, hats off to you for all the hard work.

Sincerely, Jerry Bowen - Regional Director, Rocky Mountain

P.S. Since the Maundy Thursday Day of Prayer, we have received many amazing reports from schools all over the world about answered prayer. One Christian school in the Northeast region of the US shared that they were about to be foreclosed upon because of a large debt they weren't able to pay. Since they asked the Christian school movement to pray for them, God has provided a donor to pay their entire debt and enable the school to continue their ministry. Praise the Lord! Consider encouraging others by sharing stories of answered prayers on social media using the hashtag #SchoolsThatPray.

Regional Events

Leadership Learning Communities via Zoom

As mentioned in the past letter, we are going to roll out a set of presentations just for regional school leaders. You will be able to gather digitally from your location and hear from strategic and significant voices to help strengthen and equip you in your leadership. Here is the current offering moving into the summer. Yes, I know that LLC means something else, but it still works for us when we consider cultivating the Christian school leader community.

  • May 29: Dr. Tom Cathey - Liability issues for schools, Part 1
  • Early June: Dr. Tom Cathey - Liability issues, Part 2

No need to travel or buy a plane ticket. Just fire up your office or home computer, tablet, or smartphone. Plan on becoming a part of these regional LLC's-Leadership Learning Communities.

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Christian School Leaders Conference: Creating a Sustainable and Flourishing School

Date: February 10-12, 2019
Location: Prescott, AZ
2019 Event Speakers: Mrs. Cindy Dodds, Dr. Cecil Swetland, Dr. Suzie Mohler

Join with other Christian school leaders, Administrators, Early Education Directors, and Board Members around the region for a chance to engage, network, and collaborate. This conference is meant to encourage and challenge you while offering ample free time to decompress in the beauty of the Prescott Valley.

Save the Date

Student Activities

Looking for a catalyst to mobilize students towards making a positive impact with their endless energy? Check out upcoming ACSI student leadership conferences and feedback from previous events!

Middle School Leadership Conferences 
"Our students implemented a school-wide event generated from the ideas received at the conference."
"My students learned to work outside of their comfort zone, what the Bible says about leaders, and how to work with people they didn't know."
High School Leadership Conferences
"This event transformed hearts of students more than any event we've invested in."
"This conference continues to be fresh, fun, and challenging year after year! Our students leave with practical ideas for practicing conference topics in our school and community."
Download your copy of the 2018-19 Rocky Mountain Student Activities calendar.