South-Central Music Festival

Music Festivals provide students the opportunity to use their musical talent and to benefit from the evaluation of a qualified adjudicator. The categories include solos, small ensembles, medium ensembles and large ensembles/choirs.

For more information see Music Festivals in the South-Central Student Activities Participation Guide.

To Get Started

Register your school for any of these events by completing the South-Central Student Activities Registration form. 

Once processed, the password for the handbooks is included in the confirmation notice emailed immediately to the school coordinator. For a complete listing of resources available (including a Coordinator Handbook) see "Resources" below. These files help schools plan and coordinate the event at their own school as well as prepare for and attend the district level event. Still have Questions? E-mail South-Central Student Activities Office.

This page is "under construction" until mid-August while the 2018-2019 handbooks and resources are uploaded and links created. The links will turn blue when the new material is ready. 

Dates and Locations

Music Festival-Vocal DAL 1–6  Scofield Christian School, Dallas, TX  Friday 03/01/2019
Music Festival-Vocal Large Ensemble DAL 7–12  Prestonwood Christian Academy, Plano, TX  Thursday 02/28/2019
Music Festival-Solo/Small Ensemble DAL 7–12  NEED HOST
Music Festival-Piano DAL K–12  NEED HOST
Music Festival-Solo/Small/Medium/Large Ensembles EP 1–12  Immanuel Christian School, El Paso, TX  TBD
Music Festival-Vocal Large Ensemble FW 1–12  Temple Christian Schools (EAST), Fort Worth, TX  Thursday 03/28/2019
Music Festival-Vocal Lg Ensemble HOU 1–12  The Woodlands Methodist School, The Woodlands, TX  Friday 03/22/2019
Music Festival-Vocal Solo & Small Ensemble HOU 1–12  Southminster School, Missouri City, TX  Thursday 03/07/2019
Music Festival-Vocal KS/MO 3–6  Summit Christian Academy, Lee's Summit, MO 

 Friday  04/05/2019

Music Festival–Large Ensemble Band & Choir   OK 4-12  Crossings Christian School, Oklahoma City, OK  Tuesday 04/16/2019


After the SC Student Activities Registration form has been processed, the password for the Coordinator Resources and the Chairperson Resources (for host schools only) is emailed immediately in a confirmation email to the Student Activities Coordinator listed on the registration form.

Resources for the Coordinator at each participating school

SC Music Coordinator Handbook

SC Music Coordinator Large Ensemble Adjudication Form

SC Music  Coordinator Piano Adjudication Form

SC Music  Coordinator School Participation Form

SC Music  Coordinator Solo & Small Ensemble Adjudication Form

Resources for the Chair at the Host School

Chairperson resources